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 By Litao Zhoulyon

Make GRE Vocabulary PDF

1. Download Existing GRE Vocabulary PDF
All GRE sections, including Math, need a strong vocabulary to get a good score; some GRE test takers have to spend lots of time dealing with the tough task. PDF is a standard and popular format. If you are looking for a GRE vocabulary PDF file, you get the right place.

If you start building GRE vocabulary, a relatively small vocabulary PDF is the correct choice. After a few days' work, you possibly can make a better decision: go ahead or replace it with a harder PDF. Even if the current vocabulary is entirely useless, you waste a few days only.

For starters, we recommend a small GRE word list PDF: GRE 1200 Words in 30 Days. It contains must-have words for most GRE test takers. This GRE vocabulary PDF is free to download.

GRE 1200 Words in 30 Days

If you aren't sure which vocabulary is fit your case, we recommend considering 5000 GRE Wods. This is a large vocabulary but organized into 4 levels. The mentioned "1200 Words in 30 Days" is actually its first level. It helps to focus on the right content in a narrow timeframe.

We already published Ebook: 5000 GRE Words on main markets:
Apple iBookKoboBarnes & NobleAmazon Kindle

We made some GRE vocabulary PDF files based on the other 2 lists on the website, which can be downloaded directly. (Files of full groups need VIP account to access.)

GRE Big Book Words List
Barron GRE Vocabulary
Not everyone is lucky enough to download an existing GRE vocabulary PDF, which exactly matches one's circumstance, neither too easy nor too difficult. If you cannot get an existing GRE PDF, customize your own GRE vocabulary PDF will be the right option.

2. Customize GRE Vocabulary PDF
GRE vocabulary building is a very personalized task. Different people start from various bases to different goals, so that they need different vocabularies. Therefore, create your own GRE vocabulary PDF is an efficient way to enrich vocabulary skills if you frustrate to download unsatisfied PDF repeatedly.

It sounds complicated but definitely feasible. Here we introduce a solution based on Google Drive to customize and download GRE vocabulary PDF files, which should 100% meet your requirement.

Your PDF only contains words you want to learn or review; their definitions, examples, and even explanations of the home language are controlled by yourself. This sort of customized PDF will maximize your effort in GRE vocabulary studying.

The core steps to Customize your own GRE vocabulary PDF are as following:

2.1 Select GRE vocabulary source We offer 3 GRE vocabularies as the content source on the website. (If you want to copy all words, please sign on by VIP account.)

You can create PDF files based on other sources' vocabularies with the same method, only if the source doesn't bring up copyright issues.

2.2 Copy words from GRE vocabulary source We take Barron GRE Vocabulary of the website to show how to copy contents from vocabulary sources. Barron GRE Vocabulary is a 4000+ word list with multiple language definitions. It has been divided into 20 groups.

The first group' web pages with Hindi and Chinese definitions shown as following:
We will enter the web page of the first group to copy words and definitions, then demonstrate how to make and download a GRE vocabulary PDF file.

2.3 Edit and Make PDF by Google Drive After selecting a word list that closes to your circumstance as possible, you can copy word, definition, and whatever you like to an editor. Then, you can edit existing content or delete useless stuff. The final step is to convert your content to PDF.

Google Drive is a great free tool for both editing documents and making PDF files. Following the video, you can create your own GRE vocabulary PDF in minutes.

For example, we can copy/paste words from the first group (Barron GRE Vocabulary - Chinese 1) to Google Drive as Google Docs.

GRE Vocabulary PDF - Google Drive

Then we can download this word list in PDF format from the File menu of Google Drive.

If you dislike Google Drive or don't have it, there are some free tools to do conversions: from MS Word to PDF, from txt to PDF, or from other formats to PDF. You can search them online.

Follow instructions of online PDF converter: upload source file; then, you can download it after the PDF file is available. It's very straight and smooth.

2.4 Download Free GRE Vocabulary PDF By steps of section 2.3, we got a personalized GRE vocabulary PDF. Although spending some effort, we successfully produced our own GRE vocabulary PDF; similarly, we can revise contents and create new PDF easily and quickly.

We uploaded the demo PDF file converted from Google Drive in section 2.3 to this website; it was by Barron GRE Vocabulary (group 1 with Chinese definition). You can Download GRE PDF to preview.

2.5 Centralized PDF resources The website also provides a centralized PDF hub to help visitors get and make their own PDF word list:

3. Save or Print GRE Vocabulary

3.1 Save or Print Vocabulary We offer three GRE vocabularies on the website. All of them are available to print or save as PDF with the below links. You may click a button that will bring you to a separate page where you have two options to print/save.

5000 GRE Words
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Group 6Group 7Group 8Group 9Group 10Group 11Group 12Group 13Group 14Group 15Group 16
Barron GRE Vocabulary
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5Group 6Group 7Group 8Group 9Group 10Group 11Group 12Group 13Group 14Group 15Group 16Group 17Group 18Group 19Group 20
GRE Big Book Words List
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5

3.2 Save or Print Vocabulary - ESL There are two lists for ESL (English as Second Language) students to merge home language explanations to each word. Totally, nine non-English languages are available. Click it if your native language is among the below buttons. With this feature, you may print/save your own vocabulary PDF on demand.