Middle School Spelling Words

Spelling words resource for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade students with thousands of printable worksheets and cards; each grade has 8 vocabulary lists with definition; each word offers online meaning test and spelling quiz.
 Spelling List by Grade
Middle School Spelling Words are for students of 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade to build spelling vocabulary. It’s a free online resource to help USA middle school students accumulate common spelling words. It includes an average level vocabulary for each grade to reflect its the basic academic criteria of English skill.

This app isn't only a set of words; it offers interactive exercises, as well as printable worksheets. It has built-in explanation, word/definitiion single choice quiz, various worksheets with PDF and HTML formats, word complete games, and online spelling practice tool. This is an all-in-one package for middle school spelling words, powered by proven vocabulary and cutting edge software. You can launch it anywhere and anytime through Internet.

Words in the app are divided into 3 grades: 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. Each grade has 8 sub-lists. The spelling vocabulary is the core of the app; all other features are based on it, including hundreds of printable worksheets, such as card, single choice quiz, matching exercise, and filling in exercise.

As a matter of fact, middle school students are too young to drive themselves to hard work. Tutors and parents often take a key role to guide and push kids’ studying. The app is popular because of its two handy features. The first is to evaluate students’ spelling vocabulary level and verify training effect; the second is to leverage various printable worksheets as traditional class or home work.

In USA secondary schools’ name and structure aren’t exactly same among different districts. For some students, 6th and 7th grades are in elementary school; for others the 9th grade possibly is in middle school. No matter what school your grade is in, the app focuses on grade 6, 7, and 8, and we call them as middle school grades. The app is actually organized by grade, so doesn’t matter your school name. If you are among grade 6 to 8, just get the contents according to your grade. That’s ok.

Either work with tutor or study by self, you should check own vocabulary level at first and then work out a plan for future effort. Select your grade and try its words, or do some interactive spelling exercises, if more than 30% words are unknown or failed, you should start to build this spelling list immediately. The app can help to find the goal and get it.

(Print worksheet is a little more complicated; we demo some pictures of worksheets below.)
Middle School Spelling Worksheets Samples
Word Quiz sample Match sample Fill-in sample