7th Grade Spelling Words With Definition

 Grade 7: With Definition - 6
morselspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. a little bite or bit of food; a small quantity; a little piece; a fragment
Peggotty meant her nephew Ham, mentioned in my first chapter; but she spoke of him as a morsel of English Grammar.
David Copperfield - Chapter 2
By Charles Dickens Context
Then the Jew, in an agony of impatience, watched every morsel he put into his mouth; pacing up and down the room, meanwhile, in irrepressible excitement.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 25
By Charles Dickens Context
She saw Frank coming across the floor toward her with a glass of blackberry wine in his hand and a morsel of cake on a saucer and she pulled her face into a smile.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 35
By Margaret Mitche Context
murmurspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. make low, confused, and indistinct sound, like that of running water
For which cogent reason I kept Biddy at a distance during supper, and when I went up to my own old little room, took as stately a leave of her as I could, in my murmuring soul, deem reconcilable with the churchyard and the event of the day.
Great Expectations - Chapter 35
By Charles Dickens Context
nauticalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. relating to ships, sailors, or navigation
A white mast, fitted up with spars and other nautical tackle, could be seen rising against the dark clouds whenever the flames played brightly enough to reach it.
Return of the Native - Chapter 0
By Thomas Hardy Context
navigatespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. steer; direct; follow a planned course on, across, or through
And when they come to look at that spare room they had to take soundings before they could navigate it.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Chapter 5
By Mark Twain Context
negativespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. adverse; involving disadvantage or harm; pessimistic
For months afterwards, I every day settled the question finally in the negative, and reopened and reargued it next morning.
Great Expectations - Chapter 16
By Charles Dickens Context
On my replying to both these questions in the negative, it occurred to me that I fell again in her good opinion; but she concealed the fact gracefully, and invited me to dinner next day.
David Copperfield - Chapter 25
By Charles Dickens Context
Oliver, whose eyes had glistened at the mention of meat, and who was trembling with eagerness to devour it, replied in the negative; and a plateful of coarse broken victuals was set before him.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 4
By Charles Dickens Context
neutralspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. impartial; not supporting one side over another
He had reached the neutral ground upon the outskirts of the town, which was neither town nor country, and yet was either spoiled, when his ears were invaded by the sound of music.
Hard Times - Chapter 3
By Charles Dickens Context
nightmarespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress; event or experience that is intensely distressing
New Hope Church was a nightmare of another life and so was Big Shanty, where they turned and fought the Yankees like demons.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 17
By Margaret Mitche Context
When I awoke, the recollection that Uriah was lying in the next room, sat heavy on me like a waking nightmare; and oppressed me with a leaden dread, as if I had had some meaner quality of devil for a lodger.
David Copperfield - Chapter 25
By Charles Dickens Context
nuptialspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. relating to marriage or wedding ceremony
The marriage of a daughter, which had been the first object of her wishes since Jane was sixteen, was now on the point of accomplishment, and her thoughts and her words ran wholly on those attendants of elegant nuptials, fine muslins, new carriages, and servants.
Pride and Prejudice - Chapter 50
By Jane Austen Context
oasisspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. fertile or green spot in a waste or desert
The gushing fountains which sparkle in the sun, must not be stopped in mere caprice; the oasis in the desert of Sahara must not be plucked up idly.
David Copperfield - Chapter 33
By Charles Dickens Context
oblongspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. having greater length than breadth, especially when rectangular
At length Thomasin reached a hollow and began to discern through the rain a faint blotted radiance, which presently assumed the oblong form of an open door.
Return of the Native - Chapter 0
By Thomas Hardy Context
obsoletespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. no longer useful; outmoded; antiquated
He is a curious, interesting, and nearly perished link between obsolete forms of life and those which generally prevail.
Return of the Native - Chapter 0
By Thomas Hardy Context
And sex was merely an accident, or an adjunct, one of the curious obsolete, organic processes which persisted in its own clumsiness, but was not really necessary.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 1
By D H Lawrence Context
occasionspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. significant event that occurs at a critical time; opportunity to do something; event or happening
We had occasion some months ago to strengthen our resources and borrowed for that purpose 30,000 napoleons from the Bank of France.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 3
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
On the present festive occasion he emerged from his room, when the blithe bells were going, the picture of misery, in a full suit of Sunday penitentials.
Great Expectations - Chapter 4
By Charles Dickens Context
The themes were the same that had been illuminated upon similar occasions by their mothers before them, their grandmothers, and doubtless all their ancestors in the female line clear back to the Crusades.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Chapter 21
By Mark Twain Context
occurspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. take place; be found to exist ; come to one's mind
I think it occurred to me that I had already begun it, in my poor way: but it occurs to me now, whether or no.
David Copperfield - Chapter 10
By Charles Dickens Context
It seemed to be one of those senseless acts of Hooliganism which occur from time to time, and it was reported to the constable on the beat as such.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 8
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
As a rule, when I have heard some slight indication of the course of events, I am able to guide myself by the thousands of other similar cases which occur to my memory.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 3
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
occurrencespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. an event that happens; the action or fact of happening or occurring
I heard the mice too, rattling behind the panels, as if the same occurrence were important to their interests.
Great Expectations - Chapter 11
By Charles Dickens Context
It was while he was engaged in this pursuit, that he was greatly startled and distressed by a most unexpected occurrence.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 34
By Charles Dickens Context
I had imagined that I had reached the end of my adventures, but a very unexpected occurrence showed me that there were surprises still in store for me.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 1
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
offensespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. act of causing anger, displeasure, or affront; transgression of law; attacking or assaulting
For frivolity and jokes and spotted tights were an offense, when they intruded themselves upon a spirit that was exalted into the vague august realm of the romantic.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Chapter 8
By Mark Twain Context
But, she told herself time and again, she would have to walk easily, gingerly, be meek under insults, yielding to injustices, never giving offense to anyone, black or white, who might do her harm.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 38
By Margaret Mitche Context
oligarchyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. government by a few persons, especially by a small faction of persons or families
omitspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. leave undone or leave out ; bypass; neglect; fail to include or mention
Rance sat down on the horsehair sofa, and knitted his brows as though determined not to omit anything in his narrative.
A Study In Scarlet - Chapter 4
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
He did not omit to avail himself of the opportunity, cautiously and briefly; too cautiously to betray his presence by the slightest noise.
Wuthering Heights - Chapter 16
By Emily Bronte Context
I cannot acquit him of that duty; nor could I think well of the man who should omit an occasion of testifying his respect towards anybody connected with the family.
Pride and Prejudice - Chapter 18
By Jane Austen Context
omniscientspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. having total knowledge; knowing everything
A startling thought this, that a woman could handle business matters as well as or better than a man, a revolutionary thought to Scarlett who had been reared in the tradition that men were omniscient and women none too bright.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 36
By Margaret Mitche Context
orchidspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. plants usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
The fine flower of their intimacy was to her rather like an orchid, a bulb stuck parasitic on her tree of life, and producing, to her eyes, a rather shabby flower.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 7
By D H Lawrence Context
ostrichspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. large bird of the genus Struthio
As we rolled into Eyford Station we saw a gigantic column of smoke which streamed up from behind a small clump of trees in the neighbourhood and hung like an immense ostrich feather over the landscape.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 9
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
It appeared to me that the eggs from which young Insurers were hatched were incubated in dust and heat, like the eggs of ostriches, judging from the places to which those incipient giants repaired on a Monday morning.
Great Expectations - Chapter 22
By Charles Dickens Context
ozonespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. unstable, poisonous allotrope of oxygen
pachydermspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. any of various large, thick-skinned, hoofed mammals, as elephant
paraphernaliaspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. personal ornaments or accessories, as of attire; articles used in particular activity
parsimoniousspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. excessively unwilling to spend; excessively sparing or frugal
partnerspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. person who is a member of a partnership; associate who works with others toward a common goal
He then relapsed into his former state; nor did he rouse himself until his attention was again awakened by the voice of his partner.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 37
By Charles Dickens Context
Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have no doubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 3
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
Cathy begged that he might be liberated then, as Isabella Linton had no partner: her entreaties were vain, and I was appointed to supply the deficiency.
Wuthering Heights - Chapter 7
By Emily Bronte Context
pasturespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. field covered with grass; meadow
But they woke at dawn as usual, and suddenly remembering the glorious thing that had happened, they all raced out into the pasture together.
Animal Farm - Chapter 2
By George Orwell Context
They did not like the dark shade of the thickets hedging the pasture creek, and they twitched their ears at Scarlett as if appreciative of human companionship.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 2
By Margaret Mitche Context
There, too, were droves of sheep and bullocks coming in from the outlying pasture lands, and trains of tired immigrants, men and horses equally weary of their interminable journey.
A Study In Scarlet - Chapter 9
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
pedestalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. architectural support or base, as for a column or statue; support or foundation
All was quiet with him, save that a long inscription had appeared that morning upon the pedestal of the sundial.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 3
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
penaltyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. punishment established by law or authority for a crime or offense; fine
Had this test been invented, there are hundreds of men now walking the earth who would long ago have paid the penalty of their crimes.
A Study In Scarlet - Chapter 1
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
Without having any definite idea of the penalties I had incurred, it was clear to me that village boys could not go stalking about the country, ravaging the houses of gentlefolks and pitching into the studious youth of England, without laying themselves open to severe punishment.
Great Expectations - Chapter 12
By Charles Dickens Context
perceptiblespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. capable of being perceived; cognizable; discernible; perceivable
His affections seemed to reanimate towards them all, and his interest in their welfare again became perceptible.
Sense and Sensibility - Chapter 17
By Jane Austen Context
For a time the girl refused to notice; but her human curiosity presently began to manifest itself by hardly perceptible signs.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Chapter 6
By Mark Twain Context
Anne was so impressed by the degree of their danger, that she could not excuse herself from trying to make it perceptible to her sister.
Persuasion - Chapter 5
By Jane Austen Context
peskyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. pestering; vexatious; troublesome; causing irritation or annoyance
pharmaceuticalspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. of or pertaining to knowledge of pharmacy or preparing medicines
pilgrimspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. traveler; one who travels far, or in strange lands, to visit some holy place or shrine as a devotee
Rarely did that hour of the evening come, rarely did I wake at night, rarely did I look up at the moon, or stars, or watch the falling rain, or hear the wind, but I thought of his solitary figure toiling on, poor pilgrim, and recalled the words:.
David Copperfield - Chapter 32
By Charles Dickens Context
plagiarizespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. steal another's ideas and pass them off as one's own
pleaspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. request for help; excuse or pretext
They were trying vainly by whispered pleas and jerks at her skirt to make the old lady sit down on the brick wall.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 40
By Margaret Mitche Context
plunderspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. take goods of by force, or without right; spoil; sack; strip; rob
Impotent rage quelled what little fear was left in her heart as she stood helpless while they plundered and stole and ruined.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 27
By Margaret Mitche Context
pneumoniaspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. inflammation of the lungs
He had died ignominiously and swiftly of pneumonia, following measles, without ever having gotten any closer to the Yankees than the camp in South Carolina.
Gone With The Wind - Chapter 7
By Margaret Mitche Context
Then the death of the colonel from pneumonia, and his own narrow escape from death: his damaged health: his deep restlessness: his leaving the army and coming back to England to be a working man again.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 10
By D H Lawrence Context
polarspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. pertaining to one of the poles of the earth; of the poles
pollspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. voting; survey; number of votes cast or recorded
portablespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. mobile; easily or conveniently transported
She might have been some two or three years younger than Wemmick, and I judged her to stand possessed of portable property.
Great Expectations - Chapter 37
By Charles Dickens Context
positivespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. involving advantage or good ; greater than zero; very sure; confident
In my heart I believed her to be right; and yet I took it rather ill, too, that she should be so positive on the point.
Great Expectations - Chapter 17
By Charles Dickens Context
This man declares that he was not absent from his post for an instant, and he is positive that neither boy nor man could have gone that way unseen.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 5
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
Every mouthful of food was an acute positive pleasure, now that it was truly their own food, produced by themselves and for themselves, not doled out to them by a grudging master.
Animal Farm - Chapter 3
By George Orwell Context
possessspeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. occupy in person; hold or actually have in one's own keeping; have and hold; have the legal title to
For I believed one of two other persons to have become possessed of it, and to have turned it to this cruel account.
Great Expectations - Chapter 16
By Charles Dickens Context
Somehow or other, he had become possessed by an idea that there was something in this girl which could hardly be set forth in a tabular form.
Hard Times - Chapter 12
By Charles Dickens Context
It is not so impossible, however, that a man should possess all knowledge which is likely to be useful to him in his work, and this I have endeavoured in my case to do.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 5
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
posthumousspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. after death, as of child born after father's death or book published after author's death
posturespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. position or arrangement of the body and its limbs
In the meantime Eustacia, left alone in her cottage at Alderworth, had become considerably depressed by the posture of affairs.
Return of the Native - Chapter 0
By Thomas Hardy Context
She writhed into some new posture constantly: stiffening her arms, twisting them before her face, as though to shut out from her eyes the little light there was, and drooping her head, as if it were heavy with insupportable recollections.
David Copperfield - Chapter 47
By Charles Dickens Context
precursorspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. forerunner; one who precedes an event and indicates its approach
Again I saw that grim face look over the cliff, and I knew that it was the precursor of another stone.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 1
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
premierespeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. first public performance, as of a movie or play; premier
prerogativespeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. privilege; unquestionable right; exclusive power to command
preservespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. uphold; retain; maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm
And yet he was powerless to preserve his privacy; he was a hired man, and these people were his masters.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 8
By D H Lawrence Context
His fervid nature could not afford to relinquish one of these, though two of the three were as many as he could hope to preserve.
Return of the Native - Chapter 0
By Thomas Hardy Context
I keep it only to safeguard myself, and to preserve a weapon which will always secure me from any steps which he might take in the future.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Chapter 3
By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
preyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. target of a hunt; animal hunted or caught for food
Carnal appetite makes one seize a beakful of prey: then up, up again, out of the dense into the ethereal, from the wet into the dry.
Lady Chatterley's Lover - Chapter 17
By D H Lawrence Context
Colonel Forster is a sensible man, and will keep her out of any real mischief; and she is luckily too poor to be an object of prey to anybody.
Pride and Prejudice - Chapter 41
By Jane Austen Context
He had never experienced a greater relief than in hearing the sweet voice of the young lady as she begged her to be calm, and not allow herself to become the prey of such fearful fancies.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 46
By Charles Dickens Context
priorspeak speak spelling word quiz 
a. preceding in the order of time; former; previous
They purposed remaining in London only three days, prior to departing for some weeks to a distant part of the coast.
Oliver Twist - Chapter 41
By Charles Dickens Context
Her father asked him to do them the honour of taking his mutton with them, and Fanny had time for only one thrill of horror, before he declared himself prevented by a prior engagement.
Mansfield Park - Chapter 41
By Jane Austen Context
prodigyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. person with exceptional talents or powers; wonder
progenyspeak speak spelling word quiz 
n. one derived from another; offspring or descendant; result of creative effort, as product
proliferatespeak speak spelling word quiz 
v. grow rapidly; propagate; reproduce