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Grade 7: Quiz Card - 6

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 Grade 7: Quiz Card - 6
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Speak [Esc]  n. polished surface that forms images by reflecting light

Spelling Word: mirror
Speak [Esc]  a. behaving in a way that is slightly bad but is not intended to cause serious harm; hurtful or troublesome

Spelling Word: mischievous
Speak [Esc]  n. speech uttered by a person alone; dramatic soliloquy

Spelling Word: monologue
Speak [Esc]  n. large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male

Spelling Word: moose
Speak [Esc]  n. movement; act of changing location; ability or power to move

Spelling Word: motion
Speak [Esc]  v. add a number to itself a particular number of times; combine by multiplication

Spelling Word: multiply
Speak [Esc]  n. one of many tissues in the body that can tighten and relax to produce movement

Spelling Word: muscle
Speak [Esc]  a. having or suggesting great physical power; of or relating to or consisting of muscle

Spelling Word: muscular
Speak [Esc]  a. too willing to believe that someone is telling the truth, lacking worldly experience

Spelling Word: naive
Speak [Esc]  a. relating to or typical of a whole country and its people

Spelling Word: national
Speak [Esc]  n. basic or inherent features of something, especially when seen as characteristic of it

Spelling Word: nature
Speak [Esc]  a. adverse; involving disadvantage or harm; pessimistic

Spelling Word: negative
Speak [Esc]  n. a surrounding or nearby region, the approximate amount of something

Spelling Word: neighborhood
Speak [Esc]  a. not either of two things or people

Spelling Word: neither
Speak [Esc]  n. a neutral position, especially in a war

Spelling Word: neutrality
Speak [Esc]  n. a daughter of your brother or sister

Spelling Word: niece
Speak [Esc]  n. something that annoys or gives trouble and vexation; something that is offensive or noxious

Spelling Word: nuisance
Speak [Esc]  v. make someone feel morally or legally forced to do something

Spelling Word: obligate
Speak [Esc]  n. the first existence or beginning of anything

Spelling Word: origin
Speak [Esc]  v. initiate or invent; start something or cause it to happen

Spelling Word: originate
Speak [Esc]  n. someone who lacks support, care, or supervision

Spelling Word: orphan
Speak [Esc]  v. cook food for longer than necessary

Spelling Word: overcook
Speak [Esc]  v. place special or excessive emphasis on

Spelling Word: overemphasize
Speak [Esc]  v. flow over; cover with, or as with, water or other fluid

Spelling Word: overflow
Speak [Esc]  v. provide a view of, especially from above

Spelling Word: overlook
Speak [Esc]  v. decide against a decision that has already been made

Spelling Word: overrule
Speak [Esc]  n. having and controlling something, right or state of being an owner

Spelling Word: ownership
Speak [Esc]  n. formal conference on public affairs; general council, especially an assembly of representatives of a nation

Spelling Word: parliament
Speak [Esc]  n. person who is a member of a partnership; associate who works with others toward a common goal

Spelling Word: partner
Speak [Esc]  n. an activity that is done for enjoyment; amusement

Spelling Word: pastime
Speak [Esc]  n. the ability to accept delay or annoyance without complaining or becoming angry

Spelling Word: patience
Speak [Esc]  n. punishment established by law or authority for a crime or offense

Spelling Word: penalty
Speak [Esc]  n. ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious to other people

Spelling Word: perception
Speak [Esc]  v. carry through; bring to completion; achieve or accomplish

Spelling Word: perform
Speak [Esc]  n. act of performing; dramatic or musical entertainment

Spelling Word: performance
Speak [Esc]  a. lasting for a long time or for ever; remaining without change

Spelling Word: permanent
Speak [Esc]  a. lasting for a long time and difficult to get rid of

Spelling Word: persistent
Speak [Esc]  n. group of people willing to obey orders, like those employed in a company, organization, or one of the armed forces

Spelling Word: personnel
Speak [Esc]  n. belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess

Spelling Word: pessimism
Speak [Esc]  n. a large, usually grey bird that is often seen in towns sitting on buildings in large groups

Spelling Word: pigeon
Speak [Esc]  a. like or relating to poetry or poets

Spelling Word: poetic
Speak [Esc]  n. waste matter that contaminates the water, air, or soil

Spelling Word: pollutant
Speak [Esc]  n. the people who inhabit a territory or state

Spelling Word: population
Speak [Esc]  n. a mammal that lives in the sea, swims in groups, and looks similar to a dolphin but has a shorter rounder nose

Spelling Word: porpoise
Speak [Esc]  v. occupy in person; hold or actually have in one's own keeping; have the legal title to

Spelling Word: possess
Speak [Esc]  a. having or showing a desire to control or dominate

Spelling Word: possessive
Speak [Esc]  v. be later in time, happen or exist after something

Spelling Word: postdate
Speak [Esc]  n. student who continues studies after graduation for second degree

Spelling Word: postgraduate
Speak [Esc]  a. happening after a person's death, as of child born after father's death

Spelling Word: posthumous
Speak [Esc]  n. time during which some action is awaited

Spelling Word: postponement