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Grade 7: Quiz Card - 5

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 Grade 7: Quiz Card - 5
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Speak [Esc]  a. unable to do something

Spelling Word: incapable
Speak [Esc]  n. lack of physical or intellectual ability to do something successfully

Spelling Word: incompetence
Speak [Esc]  a. not thinking or worrying about other people or their feelings

Spelling Word: inconsiderate
Speak [Esc]  n. freedom from control or influence of others

Spelling Word: independence
Speak [Esc]  a. not direct in manner, language, behavior, or action

Spelling Word: indirect
Speak [Esc]  n. single person or thing; human regarded as a unique personality

Spelling Word: individual
Speak [Esc]  n. a lack of equality or fair treatment in the sharing of opportunities

Spelling Word: inequality
Speak [Esc]  a. relatively low in price or charging low prices; not costing a lot of money

Spelling Word: inexpensive
Speak [Esc]  a. not formal or official; absence of ceremony

Spelling Word: informal
Speak [Esc]  a. instructive and illustrative; providing or conveying information

Spelling Word: informative
Speak [Esc]  v. breathe or draw into the lungs

Spelling Word: inhale
Speak [Esc]  v. receive from an ancestor by legal succession or will; receive by bequest or as a legacy

Spelling Word: inherit
Speak [Esc]  n. any physical damage to body caused by violence or accident

Spelling Word: injury
Speak [Esc]  n. example that is cited to prove or illustrate a point

Spelling Word: instance
Speak [Esc]  n. act of covering something to stop heat, sound, or electricity from escaping or entering

Spelling Word: insulation
Speak [Esc]  n. protection against possible future loss by paying a company money

Spelling Word: insurance
Speak [Esc]  v. take or seize by the way; cause to stop on the passage

Spelling Word: intercept
Speak [Esc]  v. terminate; make a break in

Spelling Word: interrupt
Speak [Esc]  v. captivate; cause to be interested or curious; interest someone a lot

Spelling Word: intrigue
Speak [Esc]  a. based on feelings rather than facts or proof; automatic, without requiring conscious thought

Spelling Word: intuitive
Speak [Esc]  a. marked by independence and creativity in thought or action

Spelling Word: inventive
Speak [Esc]  a. not using reason or clear thinking; illogical or insane

Spelling Word: irrational
Speak [Esc]  a. not according to to rule, accepted order, or general practice

Spelling Word: irregular
Speak [Esc]  a. not related to what is being discussed or considered and therefore not important; not applicable; having no connection with

Spelling Word: irrelevant
Speak [Esc]  a. impossible to replace because too special, unusual, or valuable

Spelling Word: irreplaceable
Speak [Esc]  a. overwhelming; impossible to refuse or oppose because it is too pleasant and charming

Spelling Word: irresistible
Speak [Esc]  a. showing lack of care for consequences; reckless; carefree

Spelling Word: irresponsible
Speak [Esc]  n. a feeling of unhappiness and anger because someone has something that you want; envy

Spelling Word: jealousy
Speak [Esc]  n. an Australian mammal with greyish fur

Spelling Word: koala
Speak [Esc]  ad. at a time in the future or after the time you have mentioned

Spelling Word: later
Speak [Esc]  a. near or towards the end of something

Spelling Word: latter
Speak [Esc]  n. the act or sound of laughing

Spelling Word: laughter
Speak [Esc]  n. position or office of a leader; guidance, direction, or authority

Spelling Word: leadership
Speak [Esc]  n. a group of members who join together because they have the same interest; association or union

Spelling Word: league
Speak [Esc]  n. the time when someone are free from work or other duties and can relax

Spelling Word: leisure
Speak [Esc]  n. a drink made with the juice of lemons, water, and sugar

Spelling Word: lemonade
Speak [Esc]  n. official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing

Spelling Word: license
Speak [Esc]  n. pasta in the form of slender tubes

Spelling Word: macaroni
Speak [Esc]  n. a type of thin book that contains articles and photographs and is published every week or month

Spelling Word: magazine
Speak [Esc]  n. any art that invokes supernatural powers

Spelling Word: magic
Speak [Esc]  v. intensify or increase; make greater in size

Spelling Word: magnify
Speak [Esc]  n. greater number or part; a number more than half of the total

Spelling Word: majority
Speak [Esc]  a. deliberately harmful; proceeding from extreme hatred

Spelling Word: malicious
Speak [Esc]  v. put in order; arrange or place something in line

Spelling Word: marshal
Speak [Esc]  a. relating to, or suggestive of war; connected with the armed forces

Spelling Word: martial
Speak [Esc]  n. a Mid-Atlantic state, one of the original 13 colonies

Spelling Word: Maryland
Speak [Esc]  n. a piece of metal in form of coin, given as a reward for a brave action, for winning a competition, or to remember a special event

Spelling Word: medal
Speak [Esc]  a. not very good; moderate to inferior in quality; ordinary or commonplace

Spelling Word: mediocre
Speak [Esc]  n. the body of members of an organization or group

Spelling Word: membership
Speak [Esc]  v. speak or notice of anything, usually in a brief or cursory manner

Spelling Word: mention