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 Grade 7: Quiz Card - 5
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read [Esc]  a. disposed to treat guests with warmth and generosity; receptive

Spelling Word: hospitable
read [Esc]  a. unfriendly; showing the disposition of an enemy

Spelling Word: hostile
read [Esc]  n. kindness; virtue; all of the inhabitants of the earth

Spelling Word: humanity
read [Esc]  n. strong desire for something; feel the need to eat

Spelling Word: hunger
read [Esc]  a. duplicate; alike; being the exact same one

Spelling Word: identical
read [Esc]  v. kindle; cause to start burning; set fire to

Spelling Word: ignite
read [Esc]  v. refuse to pay attention to; disregard; overlook; neglect

Spelling Word: ignore
read [Esc]  n. protection; exemption from normal legal duties

Spelling Word: immunity
read [Esc]  a. without money; poor; penniless

Spelling Word: impecunious
read [Esc]  v. hinder; charge with improper conduct; challenge validity of; try to discredit

Spelling Word: impede
read [Esc]  a. unshakably calm; placid; incapable of being disturbed or disconcerted

Spelling Word: imperturbable
read [Esc]  v. bring in from another country

Spelling Word: import
read [Esc]  v. demand; force; compel to behave in a certain way

Spelling Word: impose
read [Esc]  v. compose, perform, or do something with little or no preparation

Spelling Word: improvise
read [Esc]  v. arouse to action; motivate; induce to exist

Spelling Word: incite
read [Esc]  a. not fitting; lacking in harmony or compatibility

Spelling Word: incongruous
read [Esc]  a. difficult to believe; incredible; skeptical

Spelling Word: incredulous
read [Esc]  a. unconquerable; incapable of being overcome

Spelling Word: indomitable
read [Esc]  n. property of matter by which it tends when at rest to remain so, and when in motion to continue in motion, and in the same straight line or direction

Spelling Word: inertia
read [Esc]  n. moral corruption or contamination; invasion of body which can lead to tissue damage and disease

Spelling Word: infection
read [Esc]  n. weakness; bodily ailment or weakness, especially one brought on by old age

Spelling Word: infirmity
read [Esc]  v. write or engrave; mark down as something to be read; imprint; assign or address to

Spelling Word: inscribe
read [Esc]  a. impenetrable; not readily understood; mysterious

Spelling Word: inscrutable
read [Esc]  a. periodic; on and off; stopping and starting at intervals

Spelling Word: intermittent
read [Esc]  a. irritable; easily angered; excited by or arising from anger

Spelling Word: irascible
read [Esc]  v. talk rapidly, unintelligibly, or idly

Spelling Word: jabber
read [Esc]  v. come into rough contact with while moving; make one's way by pushing or elbowing

Spelling Word: jostle
read [Esc]  v. grieve; express sorrow; regret deeply

Spelling Word: lament
read [Esc]  a. lacking energy or vitality; weak; sluggish; lacking spirit or liveliness

Spelling Word: languid
read [Esc]  n. freedom from normal restraints; angular distance north or south of the earth's equator

Spelling Word: latitude
read [Esc]  n. teaching by giving a discourse on some subject; speech that is open to the public

Spelling Word: lecture
read [Esc]  a. unhurried; slow; taking abundant time

Spelling Word: leisurely
read [Esc]  n. mildness; quality of mercy or forgiveness, especially in the assignment of punishment as in a court case

Spelling Word: leniency
read [Esc]  n. any of various plants of the genus lactuca, cultivated for their edible leaves

Spelling Word: lettuce
read [Esc]  n. official or legal permission to do or own a specified thing

Spelling Word: license
read [Esc]  n. arm; leg; any of the main branches arising from the trunk or a bough of a tree

Spelling Word: limb
read [Esc]  a. high, tall, having great height; idealistic, implying over-optimism

Spelling Word: lofty
read [Esc]  a. shining; emitting light, especially emitting self-generated light

Spelling Word: luminous
read [Esc]  n. misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by public official

Spelling Word: malfeasance
read [Esc]  n. failure; breakdown; faulty or abnormal functioning

Spelling Word: malfunction
read [Esc]  n. assembly of persons wearing masks, and amusing themselves with dancing, conversation, or other diversions; dramatic performance by actors in masks

Spelling Word: masquerade
read [Esc]  n. killing of a considerable number of human beings under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty

Spelling Word: massacre
read [Esc]  n. orderly procedure or process; regular manner of doing anything

Spelling Word: method
read [Esc]  a. habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work; wandering

Spelling Word: migrant
read [Esc]  v. copy or imitate closely, especially in speech, expression

Spelling Word: mimic
read [Esc]  n. imitation; act, practice, or art of mimicking

Spelling Word: mimicry
read [Esc]  n. a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group

Spelling Word: minority
read [Esc]  a. mixed; mingled; consisting of several things; of diverse sorts; promiscuous; heterogeneous

Spelling Word: miscellaneous
read [Esc]  a. deceptive; giving the wrong idea or impression

Spelling Word: misleading
read [Esc]  a. movable; not fixed; fluid; unstable

Spelling Word: mobile
read [Esc]  v. alter; make partial or minor changes to

Spelling Word: modify
read [Esc]  a. boring; dull; tediously repetitious or lacking in variety

Spelling Word: monotonous