SAT Math Practice Online

The web app has hundreds of built-in questions and various search methods to help students get their required exercises. In addition to search questions by types and subtypes, it also offers options like

Multiple-choice or Grid-in
Calculator Ok or No Calculator

 About SAT Math Practice Online
The app collects many SAT math problems and offers flexible sorting and filtering ways to help students get what they want and practice on demand.

It divides all problems into four types, as the College Board defined. For each type, it groups the topics into some subtypes that may combine multiple factors, like
  • Knowledge points, such as linear function, complex number
  • Problem types, such as word problems, graphical representations
The subtypes reflect the features of SAT math test paper, not the nature of math itself or even the contents of high school math classes.

For example, there are multiple subtypes of linear expression or equation; it just means in SAT, there are high ratio problems in the topics. Reversely, for trigonometric functions or area and volume, there is just one subtype for each. It doesn't mean they are easier or less important in high school math just because the SAT math test has fewer problems.

If a problem crosses multiple knowledge points or problem types, the app links it to all related subtypes. Students can access it through different routes and try various methods.

Suppose a problem is too simple or does not need specific math knowledge; the app puts it into a particular subtype, "basic arithmetic problem and simple question," to ensure problems in other subtypes are valued to exercise.

In addition to selecting problems by type and subtype, the app has filters to help students get problems by only calculator ok,  calculator prohibited, multiple-choice, or grid-in problems.

The app also provides answers to some problems; it's a handy tool for accessing SAT math problems and practicing them online.
 Search Math Question Options
Calculator Ok
No Calculator
These options are in two groups.
For Calculator Ok and No Calculator, you must choose at least one. If you blank both, the app will check off both automatically.
The app applies a similar logic to Multiple-choice and Grid-in options; if you blank both, the app will also check off both automatically.