Mock IELTS Speaking Practice

Please select topics for all parts, by which we will imitate a full-size IELTS speaking practice for you. We also prepared some hot speaking topics' sample answers for VIP visitors studying for near exams. Below is a demo for all users:
Speaking Quiz IELTS Speaking Part 1: Watch
Speaking Quiz Describe Someone You Like To Spend Time With.

Topics of Task 1:
Common Topics: (not set) Hot Topics: (not set)
Advertisement Apps Art Car Cinema Collection Computer Dreams Emails Evening time Feeling bored Handwriting Lost Meeting places Memory Mirrors Old buildings Park Photo Planning Reading Sitting down Sports Street food Street markets Sweets Talent Watch Websites
More Topics: (not set)
Animals Barbecue Clothing Color Concentration Environment Extreme sports Festival Flowers Headphones Holiday Math New places Phone Relax Routine School Science Season Shoes Sky Spending time Stars Transport Travel Tv programs Wallet Weather Weekend
Topics of Task 2: (not set)
Activity Advice Ambition Arguments Book Businessman Busy Buying Cafe Cake Change Child City Clothing Communication Company Concentrate Contest Contribute Conversation Countryside Course Creative person Crop Curtain Decision Difficult Environment Equipment Event Family member Films Foreign person Free Friends Get up early Gift Habits Health Healthy Help House Important event Important thing Invention Language Learning Living Local news Long walk Lost Media Money Moving Neighbor New place Organize Patience Phone Planning Polite Politician Popular person Primary school Puzzle Repaire River Rule Service Share Skill Smart Smile Song Spend time Spending Sports Story Success Surprise Talent Toy Traditional product Traffic Trip Vacation
Note: They are hot topics of recent six months. Sign on as VIP to practice all of them.
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 Mock IELTS Speaking Practice
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