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The page offers IELTS speaking online practice with built-in topics and questions. Users can select three topics for Part 1 and one topic for Part 2 cue card and Part 3 follow-up talking. Their questions will construct a full-size IELTS speaking mock test. The question style and interval are like the actual IELTS speaking test. Click the 'Start' button; the page will drive the speaking test, which runs for ten minutes around. It's a handy way to prepare IELTS speaking test.
If you haven't yet used the full-size speaking mock test, the ten-minute Video shows you how to do it.
VIP visitors have full access to speaking feature, including sample answers for all available speaking topics. Topics with Answers

Below are demos for all users.
Speaking Quiz Describe A Person Who Likes To Buy Goods At Low Prices
Speaking Quiz IELTS Speaking Part 1: Life Stages

Topics of Task 1:
Common Topics: (not set) Hot Topics: (not set)
Advertisements Asking for help Birthday Celebrity news Challenging Childhood memory Classmates Collecting things Crowded palace E-books Flowers Internet Life stages Math Memory Morning routines News Numbers Phone Sharing Shopping Singing Social media Staying at home Sunglasses Weather
More Topics: (not set)
Bags Boring Cake Chatting Cinema City Clothing Coffee Exciting activities Fishing Fixing things Friends Geography Gifts Health Help Holidays Map Money Music Musical instruments Noise Robots Running Transport Video games
Topics of Task 2: (not set)
Achievement Activity Adventure Advertisement Advice Art Athlete Beautiful city Book Business Busy Buy goods Car Change Child Children Complaining Computer Conversation Cooking Decision Expensive Favorite actor Game Goal Good place Happy Help someone Help Hurry Ideas Information Interesting person Invention Job Language Lost Map Meal Movie Moving Music Natural place New law New to others Noise Noisy Outdoor activity Park Party Photo Place Plant Project Public event Public facility Relax Replace Role model Rule Science Service Shop Skill Small store Street market Study place Subject Taken photos Talented person Talking Team member Tourist attraction Traditional celebration Travel Travel delayed Uniform Useful object Vacation Waiting Welcome
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