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The page offers IELTS speaking online practice with built-in topics and questions. Users can select three topics for Part 1 and one topic for Part 2 cue card and Part 3 follow-up talking. Their questions will construct a full-size IELTS speaking mock test. The question style and interval are like the actual IELTS speaking test. Click the 'Start' button; the page will drive the speaking test, which runs for ten minutes around. It's a handy way to prepare IELTS speaking test.
If you haven't yet used the full-size speaking mock test, the ten-minute Video shows you how to do it.
VIP visitors have full access to this feature, including sample answers for some hot speaking topics. Below are demos for all users. VIP users can access all available answers from the demos' Full Sample Answer List buttons.
Speaking Quiz IELTS Speaking Part 1: Chocolate
Speaking Quiz Describe An Experience Of Online Shopping

Free Online Vocabulary Test
Topics of Task 1:
Common Topics: (not set) Hot Topics: (not set)
Birthday Chocolate Cooking and housework Happiness Jewelry Keys Library Music Name Public transport Puzzles School Small businesses Snacks Stay up T-shirts Weather Weekends Writing
More Topics: (not set)
Advertisement Art Collection Computer Evening time Feeling bored Geography Meeting places Morning time Old buildings Outer space Reading Singing Sitting down Social media Street markets Talent Technology Watch
Topics of Task 2: (not set)
Activity Ad Advice Appointment Argument Ask opinion Beautiful object Busy Change Child Childhood friend City Colleagues Competition Complaint Concentrate Cooperation Culture Daily routine Development English lesson Environment Event Family member Fashionable person Friend Friends Gift Healthy History Home Important event Information Interesting Invention Late Learn Learning Lost Meal Money Movie Neighbor News Noisy Old person Online shopping Outdoor activity Overcame difficulties Phone Plant Plastic waste Popular person Program Proud Quiet place Reading Recommend Relax River School Share Sports Surprise Teaching Technology Traditional product Traffic jams Waiting Website
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If your device or browser cannot run the mock, you may access some recorded videos.
 IELTS Speaking Online Practice
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