Privacy Statement


The following discloses security concerns and privacy protections of network connection and information gathering for all apps and services of

An announcement of any changes to this policy will be posted prominently on this page for 30 days before any changes go into effect.

The effective date of current policy was July 01, 2018.

 Network Connection
Most apps of have to access this web site by Internet to get latest materials, e.g. definitions and examples of words.

However, does not gather any information about users, does not log the IP addresses, does not collect or keep user cookies or visiting records. does not keep user data at server side, except users want to save own temporary studying data by themselves,

 Personal Information does not request user information in general.

Sometimes we need user to provide email for service reason, e,g. create an account. These emails are only for services specified by user.

A free account and all its data will be erased after 12 months, if the account is inactive in recent 6 months. VIP will be changed to common free account if not renewing again, and it will be erased after 12 months too.

 Data Host does not save user data directly. Instead, data like emails are stored at contractor’s server. To avoid any risk of data leaking, we choose world class provider to host this site.

All data of, including account data, are hosted at 1&1 Internet by cutting edge information technology: hardware and software, and are protected by laws related to information security of USA and Europe.
 Cookie and Local Storage makes use of cookies and local storage to enhance browsing experience and provide additional functionality. These cookies and local storage are just to keep temporary data at user devices. They aren't related to privacy except email address which is used as sign on account name for some apps. also integrates a few codes and features from Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. All cookies and local storage are safe and isolated to all third parties.
 Conflict with Individual Statement
This Privacy Statement is generic for contents of this site, including apps and other services. However, if an app or service has exclusive privacy statement, this page's statement should be ignored.
 About us
English Test Vocabulary ( is free online resource for English test preparation. It focuses on building vocabulary, and covers main English exams, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, TOEIC, PTE, GRE, MELAB, and ECPE.

We collect and edit lots of word lists to meet with students in different levels. This web site also hosts some great apps to help vocabulary builders work more efficiently. Besides, it wraps up additional contents such as exam news, test experiences, leisure reading, vocabulary games, hot media words, etc.

The site provides multiple language explanations for some word lists. We specifically consider the requirements of students whose first languages aren't English and give the option to show additional explanations in one of 20 available languages.

English Test Vocabulary is an independent e-learning website for all visitors. Most contents of the site are free to vocabulary builders, whereas a few features need VIP account to access. Help you pass and shoot high score in English tests is our goal, because we know this score possibly is a fundamental step of your future.

HTML5 Apps bring great convenience for vocabulary builders to speed up jobs. You can leverage these resources anytime and anyplace by Internet.

We also published apps based on great word banks of this website. You can get them from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. Smoe apps are ad free, learners have to buy them. However, we think that $2 or $5 aren't very critical for most of test takers, these ad-free and free-try apps will bring learners better experiences in vocabulary studying.

We hope you can get what you want from It's such a pleasure to help hardworking students like you. Any problems please let us know without hesitate. And we are also expecting you to share experience in your test preparation.

Thank you.