Some think the government should not spend on international aid because there are disadvantaged people in their countries, such as the unemployed and homeless.

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Some people think the government should not spend on international aid because there are disadvantaged people in their countries, such as the unemployed and homeless. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Answer Hints:
An easy position is to agree with the statement partially. You need to list the reasons for the two sides.

  • A shared humanity and the ethical imperative to assist those in dire need, regardless of national boundaries.
  • Investing in international aid can promote global stability and security and benefit donor countries.
  • The aid is part of efforts to prevent global health threats like COVID-19.
  • Foreign aid can strengthen diplomatic relations and strategic alliances.
  • Issues like climate change, environmental degradation, and resource depletion are global in nature. International cooperation and aid are essential to address them effectively.
  • Providing international aid can enhance a country's reputation as a leader in global humanitarian efforts.
  • The government's primary responsibility is to take care of its citizens.
  • Spending money abroad when there are unresolved problems at home is fiscally irresponsible.
  • Charity begins at home before extending aid to other countries.
  • International aid is hard to oversee, leading to potential inefficiencies and misuse.
Answer 1
It has been argued that governments should stop sending aid overseas and dedicate their resources to helping poor people in their own countries...

First of all, international aids strengthen the relationship between countries and allow them to act as an essential diplomatic player on the world stage...

Secondly, sending humanitarian aid to other countries is essential to alleviate suffering and save lives...

On the other hand, foreign aid shouldn't interfere with the primary function of governments, which is serving its citizens...

To conclude, international aid is crucial in international relationships and diplomacy. Humanitarian efforts to relieve crises, disasters, or endemics in some areas of the world depend on foreign aid and the generosity of wealthy countries...
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-You should select words by political correctness and avoid words like 'poor countries.'
Answer 2
While international communities attempt to help developing countries with cooperation and support, some people have reservations about assisting foreign nations rather than the marginalized in a country...

To begin with, countries will yield better social and economic development results when their top priority is their citizens...

Another reason international aid should be curtailed is that it can harm the independence of developing countries...

Therefore, international aid hurts the people who expect assistance in developed countries and possibly brings political trouble for undeveloped countries...
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Answer 3
In the modern era, many parts of the world support diverse ways to tackle many issues in developing nations...

To begin with, there are several facts why many believe that fundamental concerns like food and shelter for the homeless community and the increase in the rate of unemployment in the nation must be a high priority rather than helping overseas...

On the contrary, some solid facts prove that well-developed kingdoms should donate to surrounding poorer nations...

To put it in a nutshell, I am writing that I agree that helping underdeveloped nations based on moral values is correct...
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