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 salty; containing salt; of or relating to chemical salts
E.g. You can purchase a saline solution in the drug store.
 sprinkle; disseminate; cause to separate and go in different directions
E.g. Still, it’s kind of hilarious to watch them scatter from the light.
 statue; creating figures or designs in three dimensions
E.g. A small urban park in the downtown area has been hosting innovative contemporary sculpture installations since 1981.
 sector; portion; any of the parts into which something can be divided
E.g. At the end of this year they will finish the final segment of the road.
 serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern
E.g. Scientists unveiled the genome sequence of rice - a tool of great potential use to researchers trying to develop new strains of rice with higher yields.
 serious in feeling or manner; not light, lively, or cheerful
E.g. No severe or prolonged bodily illness followed this incident; it only gave my nerves a shock of which I feel the reverberation to this day.
 waste pipe that carries away sewage or surface water; someone who sews
E.g. A sewer is an artificial pipe or system used to remove human liquid waste and to provide drainage.
 very thin or transparent; very steep; absolute or pure
E.g. Wearing nothing but an almost sheer robe, Delilah draped herself against the very steep temple wall.
 structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
E.g. I undressed hastily, and sought shelter from cold and darkness in my crib.
 unpleasant or disappointing surprise; surprise greatly; effect of such a collision or blow
E.g. The shot of the girl standing in shock is one of the most disturbing scenes you'll witness.
 seat, especially a royal seat; throne; rank; grade; sitting before a fortified place; surrounding or investing of a place by army
E.g. To me the most alarming feature of the siege is short rations.
 slip; move usually in an uncontrolled manner; move smoothly along a surface
E.g. We slide until the bottom of the hill.
 smooth; being such as to cause things to slip or slide
E.g. Because the sidewalks are very slippery, please be careful.
 serious; somber; deeply earnest, serious, and sober
E.g. Finally, his expression solemn, he replied, You are a complex woman, Annabel, despite the fact that you sometimes behave like an impulsive child.
 wide-ranging knowledge; complex; intellectually appealing
E.g. We could have secured our homeland -- investing in sophisticated new protection for our ports, our trains and our power plants.
 taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice; showing ill humor
E.g. The incident now appears to be closed but it has left a sour taste among senior Italian diplomats responsible for relations with the Arab world.
 token of remembrance; memento; something of sentimental value
E.g. The policemen have to search such a large area and then document each piece of wreckage and guard it from souvenir hunters.
 stated explicitly or in detail; definite
E.g. FBI officials stressed that they were aware of no specific plot to attack any other aircraft.
 rotary; curled; moving in a zigzag course; moving in shape of a coil
E.g. This housing market is in a downward spiral and I've got to re-think my strategy.
 urge a horse; incite or stimulate; ride quickly by spurring a horse; proceed in haste
E.g. A business tax cut is needed to spur industrial investment.