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(сплетни) rumor; malicious report about other people; light informal conversation for social occasions
E.g. Every Italian chat show, gossip column, and newspaper, is full of the speculation of where the Hollywood couple will marry.
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(Grand) large and impressive in size, scope, or extent
E.g. Alice had no idea what Latitude was, or Longitude either, but thought they were nice grand words to say.
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(графический) represented by graph; described in vivid detail; clearly outlined
E.g. Read the story, then enlarge the title graphic to see what its about.
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(тяжести) seriousness; solemn and dignified feeling; natural force between two massive bodies
E.g. We could tell we were in serious trouble from the gravity of the principal's expression.
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(мрачные) unrelenting; rigid; dismal and gloomy; cold and forbidding
E.g. Robert held her gaze for a long time, his expression grim and slightly troubled.
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