By Amy Bush Cy

Download Personalized MELAB Vocabulary PDF

If you used to read PDF file, you probably looked for PDF of MELAB vocabulary before. As we know, PDF has many advantages, especially easy to read and print. But you hardly get useful MELAB vocabulary PDF from Internet or someone else. Either by MELAB PDF Download or Free MELAB PDF, even if you see some clues in search results, they are usually not your wanting. Each student has own known vocabulary, so he or she needs personalized word list in MELAB preparing. Some web site may offers some MELAB vocabulary PDFs and are ready for download, they have little chance to match with your situation, in most cases are too easy or too hard.

So don't look for existing MELAB PDF to download again, instead you may try to make own PDF file by leveraging MELAB word list here: copy word list what you like and make PDF by the copied contents. If you consider copyright, don't worry about it, the copyright protection principle of is that your copying is only for studying of yourself and don't share the copied content in any format. So, it's quite plain and straight: if you don't share what you copy from this web site with others, no copyright issue will buzz you.

In general, there are 5 steps to get your own MELAB PDF file:
  • Copy words from MELAB word list. we have 3 vocabularies in this web site to choose.
  • Paste your copied words, explanations, and examples (if vocabulary has example) to an editor, like MS Words.
  • Edit the content, such as deleting known words or adjusting format.
  • Look for a free PDF maker, many PDF makers are on internet to convert a text file or Word file to PDF file. For example, we choose:
  • Upload the file we just copy/paste/edit to PDF maker, then download your MELAB PDF after it is ready.
Let's show the procedure.

At first we recommend 3500 MELAB Vocabulary to copy, although there are 3 word lists in the web site. This vocabulary is at middle level and has definitions of 20 languages, so is good for many ESL students. you may append own home language definition to normal explanation. Some examples are as following links. You can negotiate to other sub-list (like C, D, E, etc.) or other languages (like Japanese, French, etc.) from these links easily.
Then we click "MELAB Vocabulary(B) - Appended by Korean" and copy words and related contents to a MS-Word to edit; upload the edited content to PDF maker website. Finally download the new PDF file.

The job is so simple and easy. You produce a personalized MELAB vocabulary PDF in just minutes. If you want to update your PDF file, repeat this procedure, you can make and download a new MELAB PDF on demand.

We made a demo PDF file by 3500 MELAB Vocabulary just by copy and paste. You can Download MELAB PDF to preview.