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1  He tells me, my sweet queen, that he hath found The head and source of all your son's distemper.
Hamlet By William Shakespeare
Get Context   In ACT II
2  My lord, do as you please, But if you hold it fit, after the play, Let his queen mother all alone entreat him To show his grief, let her be round with him, And I'll be plac'd, so please you, in the ear Of all their conference.
Hamlet By William Shakespeare
Get Context   In ACT III
3  Thus was I, sleeping, by a brother's hand, Of life, of crown, of queen at once dispatch'd: Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin, Unhous'led, disappointed, unanel'd; No reckoning made, but sent to my account With all my imperfections on my head.
Hamlet By William Shakespeare
Get Context   In ACT I
4  Therefore our sometime sister, now our queen, Th'imperial jointress to this warlike state, Have we, as 'twere with a defeated joy, With one auspicious and one dropping eye, With mirth in funeral, and with dirge in marriage, In equal scale weighing delight and dole, Taken to wife; nor have we herein barr'd Your better wisdoms, which have freely gone With this affair along.'
Hamlet By William Shakespeare
Get Context   In ACT I