Grade 7 Reading Exercise

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Short Business Courses
Words: 265    Suggest to finish in 5 minutes.
What To Do In Fire
Words: 459    Suggest to finish in 7 minutes.
Workplace Dismissals
Words: 513    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Places To Visit
Words: 530    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
The Legend of John Henry
Words: 664    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Top Dog
Words: 690    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
The X Games: A History
Words: 695    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Take a Bow
Words: 709    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
A Perfect Storm
Words: 729    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Fire in the Sky
Words: 735    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Building the Frozen Ark
Words: 737    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Carrie Underwood
Words: 783    Suggest to finish in 15 minutes.
 Today's Question
Questions 1-6: Complete the sentences below. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.
1. While some might live in tall buildings, others might live in a .

2. Important thing is to talk with your kids about escape .

3. Making a is a good idea, it can help you escape.

4. If you live in an apartment, you have to know the way to the staircase or other .

5. You can only open the door if the is not hot and you can’t see smoke around the door.

6. You should immediately close the door if smoke into the room
Questions 7-11: Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage? Answer True, False or Not given.
True: if the statement agrees with the information
False: if the statement contradicts the information
Not given: if there is no information on this
7. It is important to have a strategy before escaping the fire.
Answer 7:

8. You should mark different ways out of your home on the map.
Answer 8:

9. If you’re stuck in a room, and see smoke coming from the other room, you should open the door and run to the exit.
Answer 9:

10. Hot door means you shouldn’t open it to escape.
Answer 10:

11. If you open the door and everything seems fine, go straight to the exit.
Answer 11:
Questions 12: Choose the correct letter, A, B, C, or D. Write the correct letter on your answer sheet.
12. This article is mainly aimed at helping:
B)Children and their parents
C)Only parents
D)Teachers at schools
Answer 12: