Grade 9 Reading Exercise

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Flight Attendants Recruitment
Words: 467    Suggest to finish in 7 minutes.
Excerpt from Breaking the Barrier
Words: 638    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Carrier Pigeons
Words: 674    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Environment and Agriculture
Words: 688    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Words: 823    Suggest to finish in 15 minutes.
A Visit with the Folks
Words: 948    Suggest to finish in 15 minutes.
Employment in Japan
Words: 1127    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
Help on the Hoof & The Guide Horse Training Process
Words: 1164    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
Excerpt from Trapped & Identity
Words: 1742    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
 Today's Question
Question 1-6: Answer the below questions
1. After speaking of the changes Lincoln brought about for African Americans, Douglass refers to January 1, 1863, in order to
A)emphasize that Lincoln should have acted sooner.
B)praise that day as the beginning of all the changes.
C)remind African Americans of the long road ahead.
D)commemorate the day of Lincoln’s death.
Answer 1:

2. Which of these phrases from Frederick Douglass’s speech is slightly critical toward Lincoln?
A)“though the Union was more to him than our freedom or our future”
B)“responding to the call of Abraham Lincoln”
C)“making slavery forever impossible in the United States”
D)“the outburst of joy and thanksgiving that rent the air”
Answer 2:

3. The main purpose of the poem is
A)to critique Lincoln.
B)to capture Lincoln’s personal experience.
C)to honor Lincoln.
D)to explain Lincoln’s achievements.
Answer 3:

4. In line 4 of “The Death of Lincoln,” the “sword of power” is an example of
B)figurative language.
Answer 4:

5. How does the poem give greater emphasis to the theme of loss than Douglass’s speech does?
A)It describes Lincoln in detail.
B)It expresses a desire for vengeance.
C)It uses brief, powerful images.
D)It promises a peaceful future.
Answer 5:

6. Which of the following best describes the different attitudes expressed in “The Death of Lincoln” and Frederick Douglass’s speech?
A)The poem is a joyful celebration of Lincoln, while the tone of the speech is sad.
B)The poem idealizes Lincoln, while the speech critically appraises his actions.
C)The poem stresses the future, while the speech focuses on the present.
D)The poem is personal, while the speech is abstract.
Answer 6: