Grade 9 Reading Exercise

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Flight Attendants Recruitment
Words: 467    Suggest to finish in 7 minutes.
Excerpt from Breaking the Barrier
Words: 638    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Carrier Pigeons
Words: 674    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Environment and Agriculture
Words: 688    Suggest to finish in 10 minutes.
Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Words: 823    Suggest to finish in 15 minutes.
A Visit with the Folks
Words: 948    Suggest to finish in 15 minutes.
Employment in Japan
Words: 1127    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
Help on the Hoof & The Guide Horse Training Process
Words: 1164    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
Excerpt from Trapped & Identity
Words: 1742    Suggest to finish in 20 minutes.
 Today's Question
Question 1-5: Answer the below questions
1. To learn how to send messages via carrier pigeon, a student should research which of the following topics?
Answer 1:

2. Read the sentence below from the passage.
Few people noticed that Rothschild was snapping up these bonds when everyone else was desperately trying to sell them.
In this sentence, snapping up means
A)giving away.
C)throwing out.
Answer 2:

3. Which of the following statements from the passage supports the author’s conclusion that carrier pigeons sometimes had a dangerous job?
A)In 1815 an English banker named Nathan Rothschild made his fortune by relying on messages sent to him by carrier pigeons.
B)Since they could easily be released from airplanes or ships, every branch of the armed services used the birds.
C)On his last mission, though wounded, he carried a message that saved the lives of 194 American soldiers.
D)Many people find carrier pigeons ugly because of their big wattle, a knobby buildup of skin on the beak.
Answer 3:

4. The author provides specific dates throughout this passage in order to
A)show that carrier pigeons are more important in modern times than they were in the past.
B)indicate the impact of carrier pigeons at significant points in history.
C)explain the causes and effects of world events.
D)avoid confusing the reader when switching back and forth between the past and present times.
Answer 4:

5. In order to understand the passage better, which topic should be researched?
A)How are modern communication devices better than carrier pigeons?
B)How did the Duke of Wellington defeat Napoleon at Waterloo?
C)How were carrier pigeons trained for use during wartime?
D)What types of medals were awarded for bravery during World War I?
Answer 5: