ABANDONED's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of abandoned
a. recklessly unrestrained; deserted; left to destruction
Here many of the skyscrapers are abandoned, leaving squatters, crime and urban decay.
Sentence in Classic:
Kearney learned that the Friday concert was to be abandoned and that the Committee was going to move heaven and earth to secure a bumper house on Saturday night.
Dubliners By James Joyce Context
Choked by the rising cloud of dust and by the steam from the struggling creatures, she might have abandoned her efforts in despair, but for a kindly voice at her elbow which assured her of assistance.
A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
He was still, as ever, deeply attracted by the study of crime, and occupied his immense faculties and extraordinary powers of observation in following out those clues, and clearing up those mysteries which had been abandoned as hopeless by the official police.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
They saw a weedgrown, floorless room, unplastered, an ancient fireplace, vacant windows, a ruinous staircase; and here, there, and everywhere hung ragged and abandoned cobwebs.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain Context
Then she knew that the old lady was dead, and felt that she was abandoned by all, and condemned by the angel of God.
Andersen's Fairy Tales By Hans Christian Andersen Context
He fancied that he understood what she was utterly unable to understand: how it was that, having made her husband wretched, having abandoned him and her son and lost her good name, she yet felt full of spirits, gaiety, and happiness.
Anna Karenina(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
In front he saw our artillerymen, some of whom were fighting, while others, having abandoned their guns, were running toward him.
War and Peace(V1) By Leo Tolstoy Context
As no transports could arrive, the men dispersed about the abandoned and deserted villages, searching for potatoes, but found few even of these.
War and Peace(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
It was too dreadful to be under the burden of these insoluble problems, so he abandoned himself to any distraction in order to forget them.
War and Peace(V3) By Leo Tolstoy Context
He could not bear the idea of letting the enemy even reach Smolensk, still less could he contemplate the burning of Moscow, and when our armies did unite he was displeased that Smolensk was abandoned and burned without a general engagement having been fought under its walls.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
The arrangement adopted when they started, that the officer prisoners should be kept separate from the rest, had long since been abandoned.
War and Peace(V5) By Leo Tolstoy Context