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 Meanings and Examples of AGENDA
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 n.  items of business at a meeting; list or program of things to be done or considered
Classic Sentence:
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16  The next item on the agenda is the publicity budget.
17  The other item on the agenda is the tour.
18  An item of prominence on the conference agenda was infant health care.
19  The agenda for the meeting has been preset.
20  Reform now figures high on the agenda.
21  The government set an agenda for constitutional reform.
22  Also, as the Senate leader, Dole can contrast himself with Clinton with a legislative agenda that reinforces his campaign message.
23  By an oversight, we did not send out the agenda for the meeting.
24  His agenda is certainly different from the President's and the administration's, but we will seek additional opportunities to work together with him.
25  Good morning, Mr. Smith, sightseeing is our agenda today; let's out at 9:30.
26  It will once again expose their intent to prevent an agenda that people clearly want.
27  The main thrust is to make progress on practical issues - with mutual trade and business at the top of the agenda.
28  Firstly, we are convinced that the people of our country, especially the poor, do appreciate that their plight is at the top of government's agenda.
29  Commission says it supports the swift progress on the reform agenda.
30  Let's thrash the matter over before putting it on the agenda.