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 Meanings and Examples of AIRCRAFT
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 n.  vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane, helicopter, balloon
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence: (47 in 4 pages)
16  We could just manage to see the form of an aircraft taking off in the fog.
17  His passion is making model aircraft.
18  A computer model is used to predict forces affecting the aircraft in flight.
19  He brought the aircraft's nose up and made a perfect landing.
20  Production of the new aircraft will start next year.
21  Remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.
22  The return flight of the aircraft was delayed.
23  The airline is taking steps to ensure safety on its aircraft.
24  Your seat is in the fore part of the aircraft.
25  A series of sorties was carried out at night by specially equipped aircraft.
26  The aircraft has/carries a crew of seven.
27  To be an ace you had to shoot down five enemy aircraft.
28  They have the aircraft capable of doing significant damage, because most of those aircraft are capable of launching anti-ship missiles.
29  Using these missiles to down civilian aircraft is simply immoral and totally unjustifiable.
30  The aircraft's safety record is a testament to its designers' skill.