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 Meanings and Examples of AIRLINE
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
 n.  a hose that carries air under pressure
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence: (34 in 3 pages)
16  A spokesman for the airline said the passengers were innocent in the issue and she hoped the staff would be more sensible than to take industrial action.
17  The airline customer service representative tried to mollify the angry passenger by offering her a seat in first class.
18  The airline's employees threatened a cessation of all work if management failed to meet their demands.
19  Mexican federal aviation officials have indicated a substantial investment in infrastructure is needed for the airline to comply.
20  For the airport, airline and the British government, Tuesday's incident was an embarrassing breach of security days before the start of the Olympics.
21  Pilots' trade unions and Air France have been at loggerheads with planemaker Airbus over who or what was to blame for the airline's worst loss.
22  The airliner flew at an altitude of 20000ft.
23  The airliner was hijacked by a group of terrorists.
24  Some industries, including airlines and trucking have already started to deregulate.
25  Gary Near, a San Francisco attorney representing the plaintiffs, said the airlines have precise records of who should get refunds.
26  Too many airlines treat our children as second-class citizens.
27  Britain imposed fines on airlines which bring in passengers without proper papers.
28  The major aviation companies need to cut prices if they are to compete with budget airlines.
29  The board hopes the Federal Aviation Administration will urge the airlines to adopt such measures.
30  The ruling obligates airlines to release information about their flight delays.