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 Meanings and Examples of ALLOCATE
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 v.  assign; distribute according to plan
Classic Sentence:
1  The room they've been allocated, with its narrow space and low ceiling, will be enough to show what contempt the court has for these people.
The Trial By Franz Kafka
Context  Highlight   In Chapter Seven Lawyer - Manufacturer - Painter
Example Sentence:
1  You should allocate the same amount of time to each question.
2  The President has agreed to allocate further funds to develop the new submarine.
3  Even though the Red Cross did allocate a large sum for the relief of the sufferers of the disaster, many people perished.
4  Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first.
5  To establish firm links, tutors are allocated to groups of schools so that staff come to know their tutor well.
6  The bursar of the school was in charge of allocating all scholarship funds.
7  It is not only financial considerations, therefore, that guide the decisions for allocating limited training resources.