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 Meanings and Examples of AMBIVALENCE
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 n.  state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes, such as love and hate
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  She felt a certain ambivalence towards him.
2  I've never lied about my feelings, including my ambivalence about getting married again.
3  The document expressed some ambivalence over the doctrine of predestination.
4  Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings.
5  Her ambivalence about the long commute would becloud her enthusiasm of the job.
6  At the very least, men generally assume their ambivalent feelings are normal.
7  He has an ambivalent attitude towards her.
8  She remained ambivalent about her marriage.
9  The party's position on nuclear weapons is deeply ambivalent.
10  He feels rather ambivalent about his role as teacher.
11  South Korea is one of the world's most successful trading nations but the population remains deeply ambivalent about the benefits of open markets.