ANNOUNCE's Sentences and Contexts

Learn ANNOUNCE from sentences of classic books. The app collects 10,000 middle or hard words; input your word, you not only get its meaning and example, but also have sentences and their contexts from classic literatures.

 Sentences of announce
v. herald; give out; proclaim; make known publicly
Finance minister Sinha will announce an extra tax to ease the financial pain in his annual budget speech.
Sentence in Classic:
The old butler who had traveled with the countess, came to the carriage to announce that everything was ready, and the countess got up to go.
Anna Karenina(V1) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Work did not progress further, and they darted apart from one another like culprits when Kouzma came in to announce that tea was ready.
Anna Karenina(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
The footman who had gone to announce them was stopped by another in the large hall and they whispered to one another.
War and Peace(V3) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Just then the lady companion who lived with Helene came in to announce that His Highness was in the ballroom and wished to see her.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Not to get up a mystery with these people, I resolved to announce in the morning that my uncle had unexpectedly come from the country.
Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Context
I seem to be protesting that I am a sort of good fellow, when, upon my honour, I have not the least intention to make any protestation to that effect, and openly announce that I am nothing of the sort.
Hard Times By Charles Dickens Context
Before noon, you announce that you are going to do me the honour of accompanying me as far as I go, on your road to London.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens Context
The lengths to which this mutual outpouring of soul would have proceeded had not a servant entered to announce luncheon must remain a mystery.
Dead Souls By Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol Context
After routing the Romans at Cannæ, Hannibal sent messengers to Carthage to announce his victory, and to ask support.
Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius By Niccolo Machiavelli Context
They made haste to announce that they had only called on their road, and must go on farther, to the town, within four hours.
Fathers and Children By Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev Context
My tale was not one to announce publicly; its astounding horror would be looked upon as madness by the vulgar.
Frankenstein By Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley Context