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 Meanings and Examples of ANTIBIOTIC
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 a.  of or relating to chemical substance that kills microorganisms and cures infections
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  Patients must take high-powered antibiotic or even extensive chemotherapy for up to two years.
2  Perhaps the most well known antibiotic is penicillin.
3  Our doctor diagnosed a throat infection and prescribed antibiotic and junior aspirin.
4  Some types of antibiotic are used to promote growth in farm animals.
5  This new type of infection is resistant to antibiotics.
6  She's on complete bed rest, antibiotics and plenty of fluids.
7  The concept of long term rotational antibiotics for acne is outdated and this practice should be avoided.
8  The doctor put her on a course of antibiotics.
9  It is debatable whether or not antibiotics would make any difference.
10  He's hexed to discover the antibiotics.
11  The company issued a recall of all their latest antibiotics.
12  Colds do not respond to antibiotics.
13  Because of the development of drug-resistant strains of bacteria; many once useful antibiotics are no longer effectual in curing bacterial infections.