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 Sentences of apprenticeship
n. term during which one learns a trade from skilled worker; service or legal condition of an apprentice
As a child, Pip had thought it would be wonderful to work as Joe's apprentice; now he hated his apprenticeship and scorned the blacksmith's trade.
Sentence in Classic:
Never has that curtain dropped so heavy and blank, as when my way in life lay stretched out straight before me through the newly entered road of apprenticeship to Joe.
Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Context
She seemed to possess by instinct all the household wisdom that his long apprenticeship had not instilled in him.
Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton Context
Fisher she was only passing through a temporary period of probation, since they believed that the apprenticeship she was serving at Mme.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton Context
Ma foi, I beg your pardon, but as I have but one son, and it is the first time I have ever thought of marrying him, I am still serving my apprenticeship, you know; come, I will reform.
The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas Context