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 Meanings and Examples of APPROPRIATION
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  funding; money set aside for a specific purpose
Classic Sentence: (57 in 4 pages)
1  Nor was this appropriation of any parcel of land, by improving it, any prejudice to any other man, since there was still enough, and as good left; and more than the yet unprovided could use.
Second Treatise of Government By John Locke
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER V
2  This request the Legislature had complied with to the extent of granting an annual appropriation of two thousand dollars.
Up From Slavery: An Autobiography By Booker T. Washington
Context  Highlight   In Chapter VII.
3  After the complete moral collapse which had sent her to Atlanta and to Rhett, the appropriation of her sister's betrothed seemed a minor affair and one not to be bothered with at this time.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXXV
4  Its two slopes have been appropriated for the monumental hillock.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo
5  The interior of the barricade, that species of tiny courtyard appropriated from the street, was bathed in shadows, and resembled, athwart the vague, twilight horror, the deck of a disabled ship.
Les Misérables (V5) By Victor Hugo
6  Bonacieux was acquainted with all the turnings and windings of this part of the Louvre, appropriated for the people of the household.
The Three Musketeers By Alexandre Dumas
7  The room communicated, on one side, with her father and mother's apartment; on the other, with that appropriated to Miss Ophelia.
Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXVI
8  Long after dusk, the whole weary train, with their baskets on their heads, defiled up to the building appropriated to the storing and weighing the cotton.
Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXXIII
9  Lord Ravenshaw and the duke had appropriated the only two characters worth playing before I reached Ecclesford; and though Lord Ravenshaw offered to resign his to me, it was impossible to take it, you know.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XIII
10  So, she appropriated the greater part of the weekly stipend to her own use, and consigned the rising parochial generation to even a shorter allowance than was originally provided for them.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER II
11  He that is nourished by the acorns he picked up under an oak, or the apples he gathered from the trees in the wood, has certainly appropriated them to himself.
Second Treatise of Government By John Locke
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER V
12  Probably no one but a soldier would have answered such a call promptly; and, indeed, no one but a soldier could be called, for Congress had appropriated no money for salaries and expenses.
The Souls of Black Folk By W. E. B. Du Bois
Context  Highlight   In II
13  At this moment two women entered, bringing salvers filled with ices and sherbet, which they placed on two small tables appropriated to that purpose.
The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 77. Haidee.
14  I cannot describe the delight I felt when I learned the ideas appropriated to each of these sounds and was able to pronounce them.
Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 12
15  Many of them appropriated several houses, chalked their names on them, and quarreled and even fought with other companies for them.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 11: CHAPTER XXVI
Example Sentence: (35 in 3 pages)
16  If satisfied they indicate that an appropriate level of concern exists to justify legal intervention but an order will not automatically follow.
17  Each area of the curriculum should be led by a staff member with appropriate expertise.
18  Jeans are not appropriate for a formal party.
19  I have always said that I would serve the Party in any way it felt appropriate.
20  Theory suggests that an exchange rate change may be the appropriate response to a country specific shock.
21  She gave a speech appropriate to the occasion.
22  The statement of our delegation was singularly appropriate to the occasion.
23  The most appropriate strategy may simply be to walk away from the problem.
24  It was thought appropriate to award her the prize.
25  The ranch owners appropriate the lands that have originally been set aside for the Indians' use.
26  Please select the appropriate feedback form from the list below so that your comments will be directed to the appropriate staff for a quick response.
27  The critic should emend the book by selecting the passages which he thought most appropriate to the text.
28  The difference between whether a shove or a nudge is more appropriate might go to the harm that results.
29  His voice has a lachrymose quality more appropriate to a funeral than a class reunion.
30  At this point, I would suggest that the limerick, based on a true story, is the more appropriate poetic form.