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 Meanings and Examples of ARTHRITIS
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 n.  inflammation of a joint or joints
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  New ways to treat arthritis may provide an alternative to painkillers.
2  Scientists are developing new drugs to treat arthritis.
3  It is unclear why some people develop arthritis.
4  The cheaper drugs are just as effective in treating arthritis.
5  His ailments include a mild heart attack and arthritis.
6  In later life she was crippled with arthritis.
7  The way he can manipulate my leg has helped my arthritis so much.
8  Some cases of arthritis respond to a gluten-free diet.
9  Multiple ways of treatments have shown success in treating the symptoms of arthritis, that is in the relief of symptoms.
10  Generally people who injure limbs have bad arthritis as they mature.