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 Meanings and Examples of ASPIRIN
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 n.  white crystalline compound drug to relieve pain, and reduce fever and inflammation
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  Plavix, along with aspirin, is widely used to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
2  Let us not fool ourselves that the aspirin tablet isn't treating the disease, it is only treating the symptom.
3  Before you can open the aspirin bottle, you must first perforate the plastic safety seal that covers the cap.
4  Let's face it, their idol is willing to sign a bill that gives one aspirin to each American and just call it a victorious health care reform law!
5  In a controlled experiment, fifty volunteers were given aspirin tablets; the control group received only placebo ones.
6  My doctor prescribes aspirin for every complaint.
7  Our doctor diagnosed a throat infection and prescribed antibiotic and junior aspirin.
8  He took two aspirin immediately and washed them down with three cups of water.