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 Meanings and Examples of ASSET
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 n.  properties; advantage; useful or valuable quality
Classic Sentence:
1  The state-owned railroad had once been an asset to the state but now it was a liability and its debts had piled up to the million mark.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
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2  It was the last asset in their fortunes, the nucleus around which their life was to be rebuilt.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
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3  She had been willing from the first to employ Lily in the show-room: as a displayer of hats, a fashionable beauty might be a valuable asset.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
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4  Her one asset, the fact that her mother was what the Epsom greengrocer called a carriage lady had no exchange value, apparently.
Pygmalion By George Bernard Shaw
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Example Sentence: (38 in 3 pages)
16  For example, a depositor opening a checking account at a bank in the United States with $100 in currency surrenders legal title to the $100 in cash, which becomes an asset of the bank.
17  Shares are a relatively risky asset, it's not good for common seniors holding.
18  Households accumulate wealth across a broad spectrum of assets.
19  Investment in fixed assets is an important vehicle for ensuring that the latest technology is available to business.
20  There is concern that police use the law to confiscate assets from people who have committed minor offences.
21  The business disposed of all its capital assets.
22  The sales to total assets ratio in particular is often used to compare the structure and capital requirements of different industries.
23  The bank had sufficient liquid assets to continue operations.
24  The court ordered the seizure of his assets.
25  The tourist industry requires that the country's cultural assets be made more accessible.
26  The company's entire assets are now in hock to the banks.
27  The rump of the party does in fact still have considerable assets.
28  All of my assets were seized , including my home.
29  The factors which, if present, indicate the transfer as a going concern largely relate to intangible assets.
30  He had to realize all his assets to pay off his debts.