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 n.  properties; advantage; useful or valuable quality
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1  The ability to motivate people is a priceless asset.
2  Your inexperience is an asset and will allow you to think in original and unconventional ways.
3  Since his injury, Jones has become more of a liability than an asset to the team.
4  Being able to speak a foreign language is a major asset.
5  Creating a Mission Statement Clarity of mission may be the single most important asset for a government organization.
6  Recall that a bond is an asset that earns a fixed sum of money for its owner each year.
7  Because a human only becomes a resource when it is classed as an asset with potential to grow.
8  We consider him a valuable asset, so we had to respond to keep him for the long term.
9  A sense of humor is a great asset in this business.
10  I'm not sure if his forcefulness is an asset or a liability.
11  I'm sure she'll be an asset to the team.
12  He'll be a great asset to the team.
13  Hilary Rosen, of the Recording Industry Association of America: American intellectual property is our nation's greatest trade asset.
14  Among divorcing couples, this tactic is a way to keep one spouse from getting at the asset.
15  The real challenge here for the Obama campaign will be to avoid taking the bait, and let McCain squander his one asset.
Classic Sentence:
1  The state-owned railroad had once been an asset to the state but now it was a liability and its debts had piled up to the million mark.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
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2  It was the last asset in their fortunes, the nucleus around which their life was to be rebuilt.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
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3  She had been willing from the first to employ Lily in the show-room: as a displayer of hats, a fashionable beauty might be a valuable asset.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
Get Context   In BOOK 2: Chapter 10
4  Her one asset, the fact that her mother was what the Epsom greengrocer called a carriage lady had no exchange value, apparently.
Pygmalion By George Bernard Shaw
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