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 Meanings and Examples of BASKETBALL
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 n.  a game played by two opposing teams of 5 players, scored by throwing the ball through an hoop
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence: (20 in 2 pages)
1  He steadied a coin on the top of the basketball bank.
2  For weeks the media has been building up the national basketball team.
3  He refereed a basketball game yesterday.
4  Don't keep all your eggs in one basketball.
5  I am a member of the basketball team.
6  He will shape into an excellent basketball player.
7  He was the best basketball player in California last year.
8  He will mould a child into an excellent basketball player.
9  The basketball team had a string of victories last season.
10  He always plays second banana in the basketball matches.
11  In basketball, he offsets his small size by his cleverness and speed.
12  To master the skill of playing basketball he is making a great business of it.
13  In theory, basketball is a non-contact sport.
14  Take any sport basketball, ice hockey, swimming or whatever.
15  He dramatized the biography of the basketball star.