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 Meanings and Examples of BEHEMOTH
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 n.  huge creature; something enormous in size or power
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1  Just two weeks after Sam Stein first reported Citigroup's anti-union assault on the Employee Free Choice Act, the financial behemoth is taking their fight directly to the workers.
2  When Chinese Internet behemoth Alibaba goes public as expected later this month, the oversize IPO will be a litmus test of the stock market's appetite for tech stocks.
3  Companies would have to pay for access to the “fast lane”—potentially preventing startups from competing with extant tech behemoths.
4  Keep in mind that Hawking's bedrock theory of evaporating black holes revolutionized our understanding that the gravitational behemoths are not immortal.
5  And other volcanic behemoths could be lurking among the dozen or so large oceanic plateaux around the world, he thought.