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 Meanings and Examples of BUREAUCRACY
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 n.  over regulated administrative system
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  I had to deal with the university's bureaucracy before I could change from one course to another.
2  Instead of doing something about the problem, the council is hiding behind a smokescreen of bureaucracy.
3  Meanwhile, organized labor and the thousands of new patronage jobs in the federal bureaucracy gave the president powerful political leverage.
4  The organization has promised to eliminate cumbersome and unnecessary bureaucracy.
5  We need to reduce paperwork and bureaucracy in the company.
6  The end result of these changes will be more bureaucracy and fewer resources.
7  The Internal Revenue Service is the ultimate bureaucracy; taxpayers wasted so much paper filling out IRS forms to comply with the Paper-work Reduction Act.
8  The bureaucracy will paralyze the entire operation.