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 n.  field where the buildings of a university are situated
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1  Usually a campus includes libraries, lecture halls, student residential areas and park-like settings.
2  The president uses Twitter to inform followers about events he attends, to post articles he finds interesting, and to gush about famous visitors to campus.
3  A new gymnasium has been built on our campus.
4  Job is available for spouse on campus and in the community.
5  Fitzgerald wished that he belonged to the clique of popular athletes and big men on campus.
6  The demonstrations started after students from Tehran University staged a protest on their dormitory campus against privatization plans.
7  And he finagled a way, off campus, to interview with several of the top-drawer consulting firms that trawled for recruits at the Ivies but often bypassed schools like Indiana.
8  1924 was the year it planned its campus and adopted the case-study method as its pedagogical cornerstone.
9  Firstly, negotiations were begun with Forth Valley Enterprise with a view to establishing a training unit on campus.
10  If any student witnesses a crime, s/he should contact campus police immediately.
11  The cities of San Francisco and Seattle have pulled their money out of fossil fuel companies, taking a climate divestment campaign from college campuses to local government.
12  Virtually stroll the campuses of Ivy-league schools or get a panoramic view of one of the oldest institutions in the English-speaking world, without having to enroll or attend an open house day.
13  Jeans became the vogue on many college campuses.