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 Meanings and Examples of CAPSULE
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 n.  small container; pill in form of small rounded gelatinous; shortened version of a written work
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1  The doctor advised me to take a capsule this morning.
2  The nose of the space capsule is protected by a heat shield.
3  A Russian space capsule is currently orbiting the Earth.
4  The plan is to have Baumgartner leave the space capsule and execute a few summersaults before diving headfirst out of the stratosphere at more than 1,100 kilometres per hour and break the sound barrier.
5  About an hour later, mission commander and veteran astronaut Jing Haipeng, 45, emerged from the capsule, followed by crew mates Liu Wang, 43, and 33-year-old Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut.
6  Dan and Jordan must ride the Singapore Flyer observation wheel until their capsule is at the very top, which is 541 feet.
7  Enthusiasts behind Elon Musk's "hyperloop" proposal -- an intercity tube that speeds passengers riding in capsules at 600 miles per hour -- have taken the next step, producing a report outlying some of the big issues around the project.
8  Flotation collars are used to buoy space capsules that land in the sea.