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 Meanings and Examples of CIRCUMSCRIBE
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 v.  limit narrowly; confine; draw a line around; encircle
Classic Sentence:
1  Although no absolute satisfaction is given to philosophy, either to circumscribe the cause or to limit the effect, the contemplator falls into those unfathomable ecstasies caused by these decompositions of force terminating in unity.
Les Misérables 4 By Victor Hugo
2  This remarkable epoch is decidedly circumscribed and is beginning to be sufficiently distant from us to allow of our grasping the principal lines even at the present day.
Les Misérables 4 By Victor Hugo
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 1: CHAPTER I—WELL CUT
3  For our part, we reserve to the word its ancient and precise, circumscribed and determined significance, and we restrict slang to slang.
Les Misérables 4 By Victor Hugo
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 7: CHAPTER I—ORIGIN
4  It contained neither secret passage nor trap-door, and unless where the door by which she had entered joined the main building, seemed to be circumscribed by the round exterior wall of the turret.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXIV
5  Life was cheaper because it was circumscribed: that most expensive luxury, the kind of life that can be changed at any moment, was no longer his nor did he wish for it.
War and Peace 6 By Leo Tolstoy
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 16: CHAPTER XII
Example Sentence:
1  Although I do not wish to circumscribe your activities, I must insist that you complete this assignment before you start anything else.
2  The army evidently fears that, under him, its activities would be severely circumscribed.
3  Their movements have been severely circumscribed since the laws came into effect.
4  Japan's defence forces have been unable to extend their military collaboration with their US allies beyond this narrowly circumscribed role.