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 Meanings and Examples of CLARIFY
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 v.  make clear and comprehensible; elucidate
Classic Sentence:
1  It clarified in her the longing for a place of her own.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
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Example Sentence:
1  A Japanese delegation has started talks in North Korea to try to clarify the fate of at least ten Japanese citizens who were abducted by the communist state.
2  In recent years many Maori have united against the New Zealand government, in protest at its efforts to clarify ownership of the country's extensive foreshore.
3  What I find remarkable and commendable is how many chances she was given to retract, amend or otherwise clarify.
4  Was the president's spokesman trying to clarify the Whitewater mystery, or was he trying to obfuscate the issue so the voters would never figure out what went on?.
5  The purpose of this study is to clarify the relationship between snowdrift and wind flow.
6  His attempts to clarify the situation only befuddle her further.
7  Headings and sub-headings further clarify the structure of the article.
8  It is important however to clarify some of the points made in relation to this often complex issue.
9  I hope that what I say will clarify the situation.
10  He issued a statement to clarify the situation.
11  The Syrian government, which is under intense scrutiny by Western nations and even the Arab league for human rights atrocities, was quick to clarify that it had no intention of using its massive stockpile of chemical weapons on civilians.
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