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 Meanings and Examples of CLEARANCE
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 n.  act of clearing; space cleared; permission to proceed or trust
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Example Sentence:
1  He has a security clearance that allows him access to classified information.
2  They have to wait for clearance from air traffic control.
3  All employees at the submarine base require security clearance.
4  Schwartz opened the conversation by saying that the Agency had decided to reinstate the employee and restore his clearance.
5  The old thick rad did not give enough clearance for a normal or any other type of fan.
6  Landscape gardeners have begun a clearance of the overgrown ground to make way for a new park.
7  The UN pledged to help supervise the clearance of mines.
8  She'll race if she gets medical clearance from her doctor.
9  You'll need to get security clearance for this job.
10  Professors who wish to work with human genetic material need clearance from their university's review board.