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 n.  general agreement or accord; opinion reached by a group as a whole
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  There is a consensus among teachers that children should have a broad understanding of the world.
2  He was the first to break the consensus and criticize the proposal.
3  Some scholars define crime as deviance from a social consensus of permitted behaviour.
4  The year following the elimination of the distribution centers was, by employee consensus, the worst the company had ever endured.
5  The new alliance will be looking for consensus among its members when developing its global policies.
6  The consensus amongst the world's scientists is that the world is likely to warm up over the next few decades.
7  It is up to each participant to feel his way towards the consensus outcome.
8  It is difficult to reach a consensus about electoral reform.
9  They therefore proved natural allies in her assault upon the seat of consensus in Whitehall.
10  But there's far less consensus on how much the EU might be willing to pay towards reconstruction in a post-war phase, now that it's clear that a conflict will not have United Nations approval.
11  The main consensus from the group was to center on students and their parents.
12  The general press consensus was that he had flounced perhaps his "last chance" to win back the French.