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 n.  collection of data arranged for ease and speed of search and retrieval
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1  They have access to up-to-date information through a computer database.
2  Customers can dial up the central computer from home and access the database.
3  Branch officials can access the central database.
4  Author and subject indexes are available on a library database.
5  Such a database would be extremely costly to set up.
6  We planned to build an online database.
7  We're trying to create our own computerized database.
8  I need to import data from the database into my word processor.
9  The data entry terminal is connected to an online database while editing is taking place.
10  We have an interesting new database program in the pipeline.
11  The database could be used as a teaching resource in colleges.
12  The heart of the database is the national list of voters produced each year by Elections Canada.
13  He tried to hack database of his school to up his English marks.
14  The meteorologist is responsible for the quality control of a database of weather forecast parameters.
15  Please check Australia's national public database of pollutant emissions.