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 Meanings and Examples of ECOLOGY
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 n.  science of the relationships between organisms and their environments
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1  He has actual professional qualifications in ecology and conservation.
2  Fossils preserved in sedimentary rocks will display that era's primary forms, reflective of that era's ecology and life's adaptations to best exploit it.
3  Social systems evolve in close relation to ecology.
4  Each animal has its ecological niche.
5  Various ecological issues have come to the fore since the discovery of the hole in the Earth's ozone layer.
6  The Black Sea is facing ecological catastrophe as a result of pollution.
7  The Global Communications Group links ecological and other political activists via the Net.
8  The ecological disaster is partly a product of letting everything rip in order to increase production.
9  Spanish authorities have prevented a major ecological disaster by diverting a flow of toxic spill away from one of Europe's leading national parks.