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 Meanings and Examples of EFFORTLESS
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  requiring or apparently requiring no effort
 a.  not showing effort or strain
Classic Sentence:
1  The big horse reached the fence, gathered himself and soared over as effortlessly as a bird, his rider yelling enthusiastically, his crop beating the air, his white curls jerking out behind him.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
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Example Sentence:
1  Driving the Jaguar gave him a feeling of total control, effortless superiority.
2  In a single effortless motion, he scooped Frannie into his arms.
3  Alexei rose to his feet with a single effortless movement.
4  She plays with seemingly effortless skill.
5  Self-abandoned, relaxed, and effortless, I seemed to have laid me down in the dried-up bed of a great river; I heard a flood loosened in remote mountains, and felt the torrent come: to rise I had no will, to flee I had no strength.
6  Mr. Williams was known as an adept improviser who effortlessly switched between classical, jazz and pop styles.
7  It's true that, on the whole, Berlin never really delivers that soupy, cinematic style of seduction that Paris effortlessly ladles out to its visitors nor as much of the adrenaline whirligig as you might get in Manhattan.