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 Meanings and Examples of ELECTRONIC
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 a.  of or pertaining to an electron or electrons.
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16  An electric power distribution bus(or cable) that supplies functional units or electronic devices.
17  A buzzer or beeper is a signaling device, usually electronic, typically used in automobiles, household appliances such as a microwave oven, or game shows.
18  Without a doubt, they say the use of electronic records and other advances in technology is dramatically improving patient care.
19  The threat to a craft of deep space is that its electronics might be wrecked; radiation slowly displaces atoms in solids, to the detriment of any electronic components those atoms are part of.
20  An electronic system for verifying a worker's legal status and enforcing the laws must be part of any immigration overhaul, a House committee hearing on Wednesday indicated.
21  Candidates should have training and practical experience in basic electronics.
22  In the field of consumer electronics, Philips is determined to remain a world leader.
23  The company has achieved a premier position in the electronics field.
24  Computers and electronics are growth industries and need skilled technicians.
25  America wants to eliminate tariffs on items such as electronics.
26  The term electronics refers to electrically-induced action.
27  The electronics aboard the new aircraft are very sophisticated.
28  Nearly half of its sales at its flagship store in Akihabara, Japan's electronics mecca, is to Chinese tourists.
29  A divergent bundle of electrons passing through the coil is focused to a point.
30  The carriers in metallic conductors are electrons, and they all carry the same negative charge.