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 Meanings and Examples of ENVIRONMENTAL
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition
 a.  relating to or arising from a person's surroundings
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence: (85 in 6 pages)
16  These measures are strongly supported by environmental groups.
17  These policies could lead the country to environmental catastrophe.
18  This thorny problem on the environmental protection floored the new mayor.
19  An adequate environmental impact assessment was not carried out on the bypass project.
20  Most environmental litigation involves disputes with governmental agencies.
21  The report criticizes the government's sloth in tackling environmental problems.
22  Greenpeace has been invited to appraise the environmental costs of such an operation.
23  These chemicals have been found to cause serious environmental damage.
24  The company described reports of environmental disaster as gross exaggeration.
25  The pressure group has won a number of concessions on environmental policy.
26  This building plan makes a mockery of the government's environmental policy.
27  All living organisms have to adapt to changes in environmental conditions.
28  Germany's Green party was said to be the forerunner of environmental parties throughout Europe.
29  It is up to Europe to take on the mantle of leadership in environmental issues.
30  The company has come under intense scrutiny because of its environmental record.