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 Meanings and Examples of ENVISAGE
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 v.  look in the face of; apprehend; consider or regard in a certain way
Classic Sentence:
1  For an instant Scarlett envisaged her trip to Atlanta and her conversation with Rhett with Mammy glowering chaperonage like a large black Cerberus in the background.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
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Example Sentence:
1  Nobody can envisage the consequences of total nuclear war.
2  I don't envisage I will take an executive role, but rather become a consultant on merchandise and marketing.
3  It is so warped by regulation that it is hard to envisage what a totally free-market system would be like, or whether it would be better.
4  The scheme cost a lot more than we had originally envisaged.
5  It was originally envisaged that the talks would take place in the spring.
6  Tsipras did manage to win a concession that the fund should be managed from Greece, not Luxembourg, as envisaged in a German plan, but the rules will be drawn up by Greece's creditors.