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 Meanings and Examples of ERA
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 n.  a major division of geological time; an era is usually divided into two or more periods
Classic Sentence:
1  Mr. McRae was a reminder of a cruder era, like Grandma Fontaine and her embarrassingly loud belches, an era everyone would like to forget.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER VI
2  Then the railroad building era really began.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER VIII
3  She knew that era had passed forever, but the rest of the household did not, nor did the soldiers, and each soldier was welcomed as if he were a long- awaited guest.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXX
4  With the Republicans in the political saddle the town entered into an era of waste and ostentation, with the trappings of refinement thinly veneering the vice and vulgarity beneath.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLIX
5  It was an era that suited her, crude, garish, showy, full of over-dressed women, over-furnished houses, too many jewels, too many horses, too much food, too much whisky.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLIX
6  She tried to free herself from the speculation and disillusionment which had been twitching at her; sought to dismiss all the opinionation of an insurgent era.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XV
7  Even in this new era of motors the citizens went down to the station to see the trains go through.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XIX
8  To that mission its stern, inflexible, energetic elements, were well adapted; but, as a Christian, I look for another era to arise.
Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLIII
9  It is with considerable difficulty that I remember the original era of my being; all the events of that period appear confused and indistinct.
Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 11
10  Like all that pertains to crime, it seemed never to have known a youthful era.
The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Context  Highlight   In I. THE PRISON DOOR
11  And the woodwork was of the era of our grandmothers.
Les Misérables (V1) By Victor Hugo
12  Besides, his probity was irreproachable, in an age in which soldiers compromised so easily with their religion and their consciences, lovers with the rigorous delicacy of our era, and the poor with God's Seventh Commandment.
The Three Musketeers By Alexandre Dumas
Context  Highlight   In 27 THE WIFE OF ATHOS
13  Not only this, but the opportunity here afforded will awaken among us a new era of industrial progress.
Up From Slavery: An Autobiography By Booker T. Washington
Context  Highlight   In Chapter XIV.
14  I sometimes think, Harry, that there are only two eras of any importance in the world's history.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 1
Example Sentence: (20 in 2 pages)
1  Although the curtain has now fallen on the Republican era, many of its values still remain.
2  How people in a certain era bury their dead says much about the prevailing attitudes toward death.
3  The main character in her latest novel is a composite of several public figures of that era.
4  They had worked for peace during the long era of conflict.
5  The era was characterized by political and cultural turbulence.
6  He has to extend and define what the New Democrat agenda means in the post-Clinton era.
7  The president's speech heralds a new era in foreign policy.
8  In the mass production era multinational firms tended to centralize their operations.
9  The buildings reflect the elegance of a bygone era.
10  The moon landing inaugurated a new era in space exploration.
11  During the gold rush era, our town's laundry seemed innocent enough.
12  Supporters of the party hope for a new era of pluralism including a new tolerance of religion in Turkey.
13  His main legacy is the successful move into the internet era and the launch of the Coffee House blog, which has become a must read for anyone in politics.
14  Russia has reacted furiously to the recent relocation of a Soviet era war memorial in Tallinn.
15  Fossils preserved in sedimentary rocks will display that era's primary forms, reflective of that era's ecology and life's adaptations to best exploit it.