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 Meanings and Examples of ETHNICITY
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 n.  common characteristics of a group of people; ethnic group; quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural ties
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Example Sentence: (20 in 2 pages)
1  The data, which covers applications from within the UK by people who declare their ethnicity, shows that 329 out of 586 white applicants were given an offer of a place, versus 190 of 412 applicants from ethnic minorities.
2  Many factors are important, for example class, gender, age and ethnicity.
3  The students are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.
4  They've been living and working peacefully with members of various ethnic groups.
5  The violence was the result of political and ethnic conflicts.
6  I do believe it is possible for different ethnic groups to live together in harmony.
7  The last decade has witnessed a serious rise in the levels of racism and hostility to Black and ethnic groups.
8  The ethnic populations are so intermingled that there's bound to be conflict.
9  Different ethnic groups have different systems of kinship.
10  The magazine runs a regular feature on ethnic cooking.
11  This vile policy of ethnic cleansing must be stopped.
12  A question on ethnic origin was included in the census.
13  Recent developments in the area have brought latent ethnic tension out into the open.
14  Health authorities are encouraged to arrange for the services which ethnic minority communities need and which reflect cultural differences.
15  Real ethnic crimes have begun to replace imaginary ones.