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 Meanings and Examples of EVALUATE
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 v.  judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount, or value of something
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  I can't evaluate his ability without seeing his work.
2  You should be able to evaluate your own work.
3  OBJECTIVE To evaluate the quality of astragaloside liposome and determine its entrapment efficiency.
4  The study will also evaluate the assessment procedures in use and examine their impact on children and on the school more generally.
5  The market situation is difficult to evaluate.
6  It's impossible to evaluate these results without knowing more about the research methods employed.
7  These documents should be part of the archives so that historians may be able to evaluate them in the future.
8  They saw several oil slicks but could not evaluate their size.
9  It is too premature to make any detailed assessment on the situation of the Corinthians Arena as we are still awaiting the technical report to be able to evaluate the scale of the damage.