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 Meanings and Examples of EVOLUTIONARY
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 a.  of or relating to or produced by evolution or development
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Example Sentence:
1  In choosing a partner we are subconsciously assessing their evolutionary fitness to be a mother of children or father provider and protector.
2  The current diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa reflect this evolutionary process but they have yet to achieve the final category.
3  An optimistic theory of evolutionary progress was surreptitiously beginning to replace the pessimistic doctrine of universal decay.
4  Some scientists have rejected evolutionary theory.
5  This gives a more powerful bite, and thus represents an important evolutionary advantage.
6  Dr. Nash's approach is now pervasive in economics and throughout the social sciences and is applied routinely in other fields, including evolutionary biology.
7  The finding, published in Nature today, pushes back the known origins of the equine lineage by about 2 million years, and yields a variety of evolutionary insights.
8  He told us a very informative site about biology and evolutionary theory.