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 Meanings and Examples of EXPLANATION
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.
 n.  thought that makes something comprehensible
Classic Sentence: (210 in 15 pages)
1  The birds did not understand Snowball's long words, but they accepted his explanation, and all the humbler animals set to work to learn the new maxim by heart.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Context  Highlight   In Chapter III
2  The animals were not certain what the word meant, but Squealer spoke so persuasively, and the three dogs who happened to be with him growled so threateningly, that they accepted his explanation without further questions.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Context  Highlight   In Chapter V
3  She could hear in the dusk in their bedroom the usual explanation.
Between the Acts By Virginia Woolf
Context  Highlight   In Unit 8
4  Stephen nodded; looking to Rachael for an explanation, which she was quite unable to give him; took the candle, went downstairs, and in a few moments returned, lighting Louisa into the room.
Hard Times By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 2: CHAPTER VI
5  That was not particularly well; for he remained in the greatest perplexity, and, as the hours went on, and no kind of explanation offered itself, his perplexity augmented at compound interest.
Hard Times By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 3: CHAPTER I
6  This explanation was accordingly returned by these men to Front-de-Boeuf, when he questioned them why they did not make for the battlements upon the alarm.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXVIII
7  Mrs. Grant's shewing civility to Miss Price, to Lady Bertram's niece, could never want explanation.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXIII
8  He had always something to entreat the explanation of.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXXIV
9  Considering everything, I think a letter will be decidedly the best method of explanation.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLIV
10  The gentleman in the white waistcoat appeared very much amused by this explanation; but his mirth was speedily checked by a look from Mr. Limbkins.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER III
11  Mr. Bumble no sooner uttered Oliver's name, in explanation of his errand, than Mrs. Bedwin, who had been listening at the parlour door, hastened into the passage in a breathless state.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XVII
12  Of course, he entered at this juncture, into no explanation of his motives, and they walked on very lovingly together.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLII
13  Sikes looked with an aspect of great perplexity into the Jew's face, and reading no satisfactory explanation of the riddle there, clenched his coat collar in his huge hand and shook him soundly.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLVII
14  Sir Walter, however, would choose his own means, and at last wrote a very fine letter of ample explanation, regret, and entreaty, to his right honourable cousin.
Persuasion By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 16
15  The explanation lay in the fact that though her husband had been a small farmer she herself was a curate's daughter, who had once dreamt of doing better things.
Return of the Native By Thomas Hardy
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 1: 3 The Custom of the Country
Example Sentence: (33 in 3 pages)
16  It should be emphasized that this is only one possible explanation.
17  I can't think of any possible explanation for his absence.
18  Another researcher has suggested a similar explanation based on natural causes.
19  There is no convincing explanation of the overall structure of the universe.
20  Recently, a non-programmer friend pointed out that there is no simple explanation of capability available on the web.
21  As they went by, one of their leaders shouted out to me in apologetic explanation.
22  Here's the study's technical explanation of why the location of the western ridge is so important for determining regional rainfall.
23  He gazed round the table; he saw they were all waiting for his explanation, and his expression grew mournful.
24  Still, the resurrection is the movie's only out-and-out miracle, and it lacks good explanation.
25  But next minute I whirled in on a kind of an explanation how a valley was different from a common servant and HAD to go to church whether he wanted to or not, and set with the family, on account of its being the law.
26  The explanation of the intent of matrimony was gone through; and then the clergyman walked a step further forward, and, bending slightly towards him.
27  This is the third time Japanese officials have tried to get a convincing explanation from North Korea for the missing abductees.
28  The benign explanation is that much of it reflects demographic trends, particularly the aging and early retirement of baby boomers.
29  'No, no! The adventures first,' said the Gryphon in an impatient tone: 'explanations take such a dreadful time.'
30  I gave a lot of explanations last year and I don't think I need to rehash it all.