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 Meanings and Examples of FANFARE
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 n.  loud flourish of brass instruments, especially trumpets; spectacular public display
Classic Sentence:
1  But the lieutenant suppressed the man who wished to fist fight, and the tall captain, flushing at the little fanfare of the red-bearded one, was obliged to look intently at some trees.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 21
Example Sentence:
1  One of the most hyped games of the current generation, No Man's Sky has quickly become one of the most controversial; the space sim launched with much fanfare, but quickly came under the gaming community's microscope.
2  The last of the Doolittle Raiders, all in their 90's, offered a final toast Saturday to their fallen comrades, as they pondered their place in history after a day of fanfare about their 1942 attack on Japan.
3  The exposition was opened with a fanfare of trumpets and the firing of cannon.