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 Meanings and Examples of FLOURISH
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 v.  grow or develop successfully; decorate with ornaments
Classic Sentence: (80 in 6 pages)
1  It's always annoying to the godly when the ungodly flourish like the green bay tree.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLVII
2  He said it with a flourish, and Carol perceived that he believed it.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER VIII
3  With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 1. Loomings.
4  All that is made such a flourish of in the old South Sea Voyages, those things were but the life-time commonplaces of our heroic Nantucketers.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 24. The Advocate.
5  With memories like these in him, and, moreover, given to a certain superstitiousness, as has been said; the courage of this Starbuck which could, nevertheless, still flourish, must indeed have been extreme.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 26. Knights and Squires.
6  He contributed regularly to the Protestant churches, 'for sentiment's sake,' as he said with a flourish of the hand.
My Antonia By Willa Cather
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 2. The Hired Girls: XI
7  Go, Major Heyward, and give them a flourish of the music; and send out a messenger to let them know who is coming.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 16
8  Some folks don't believe there is pious niggers Shelby," said Haley, with a candid flourish of his hand, "but I do.
Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER I
9  The only surgeon was one who combined the occasional exercise of that noble art with the daily and habitual flourish of a razor.
The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne
Context  Highlight   In IX. THE LEECH
10  He looked rather sly when I mentioned Miss Skiffins, and stopped in the street to blow his nose, with a roll of the head, and a flourish not quite free from latent boastfulness.
Great Expectations By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In Chapter XLVIII
11  When she comes to her mother's age,' said Mrs. Markleham, with a flourish of her fan, 'then it'll be another thing.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens
12  Mr. Micawber, with a random but expressive flourish of his knife, signified that these performances might be expected to take place after he was no more; then resumed his peeling with a desperate air.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 49. I AM INVOLVED IN MYSTERY
13  The vampire live on, and cannot die by mere passing of the time; he can flourish when that he can fatten on the blood of the living.
Dracula By Bram Stoker
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XVIII
14  But he cannot flourish without this diet; he eat not as others.
Dracula By Bram Stoker
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XVIII
15  He that can smile at death, as we know him; who can flourish in the midst of diseases that kill off whole peoples.
Dracula By Bram Stoker
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXIV
Example Sentence:
1  Bill signed on the bottom line with a flourish.
2  No new business can flourish in the present economic climate.
3  They have created an environment in which productivity should flourish.
4  The season ended with a flourish for Owen, when he scored in the final minute of the match.
5  Upsets may occur, even painful misunderstandings and separations, yet the essential love remains, and might again flourish, more temperately.
6  He finished with a flourish by scoring a career-high 30 points in the loss to Virginia Commonwealth.
7  In cities people talked about science, but feudalism flourished on the land.
8  Art and literature flourished and this set the pattern for the whole of Europe.
9  Unfettered by the bounds of reality, my imagination flourished.
10  In cities people talked about science and democracy, but feudalism flourished on the land.
11  The history of the field is littered with the carcasses of ventures that flourished spectacularly before either crashing to oblivion (SixDegrees, MySpace) or finding a niche in the ecosystem (LinkedIn).
12  There's a flourishing trade in second-hand video machines.
13  Few businesses are flourishing in the present economic climate.
14  The economy is booming and small businesses are flourishing.
15  They had to remain clear of the flourishing streets until the peak hour was over.